Issue 54: July - August 2006 

Quiz: Sports in Literature

Our quiz this issue is on Sports in Literature. The winner will receive a 30-euro (20 / $30) gift certificate to spend at Amazon; in case of a tie, a name will be drawn. Deadline: September 5, 2006

You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.
                      – Plato


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1. In The Illiad which sport was not undertaken at the funeral games arranged by Akhilleus?

a. wrestling
b. chariot racing
c. javelin throwing
d. discus throwing
e. running
f. archery
g. swimming
h. boxing
i. spear fighting

2. In which of Shakespeare's plays does the Dauphin taunt the king of England with a gift of tennis balls, intended to suggest the king's idleness and youth?

a. Henry V
b. Richard II
c. Richard III
d. Henry VI, part three

3. The pitched 'battle' involving hundreds of players described in Victorian novel Tom Brown’s Schooldays would later be cleaned up and known by what name?

4. Jordan Baker . . .

a. tennis
b. golf
c. volleyball
d. swimming

5. Name the novel which covers the losing basketball season played by a cadet at The Citadel in Charleston, SC...

6. Roy Hobbs was a natural at . . .

a. basketball
b. football
c. baseball
d. tennis

I'm tired of hearing about money, money, money, money, money. I just want to play the game, drink Pepsi, wear Reebok.
Shaquille O’Neal

7. Which novel utilizes Bobby Thomson’s last-minute home run, which sent the NY Giants into the World Series, as the pivotal point for an exploration of the last 50 years of American cultural history?

8. Frank Machin of Yorkshire transforms from a coal miner into a professional celebrity...

a. rugby player
b. football goalie
c. cricket batter
d. tennis champ

9. In what novel does the sport of canoeing leave its participants either dead, butt naked or up shit creek without a paddle?

10. Name the Christian athlete in the biography (and later famous film) who went to the 1924 Olympics, but refused to run on Sunday . . .

11. "You don't never show disrespect to ______________!

               Keith Talent in London Fields

12. Name the novel, based on real-life events, which tells the story of how one man in 1946 set out to establish a third, fully integrated major baseball league in Mexico.

13. Which British author wrote a memoir consisting of a series of football match reports falling into three different time frames?

14. David Foster Wallace begins his collection of essays, A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again, with a reminiscence on the subject of what sport from his teens?

a. soccer
b. tennis
c. long-distance running
d. squash

15. In Haruki Mukarami’s Kafka on the Shore, Kafka spends his free time . . .

a. at the pool
b. at the gym
c. playing billiards
d. practicing karate

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Issue 54: July - August 2006 

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