Issue 54: July - August 2006 



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Outside of a dog, a book is probably man's best friend, and inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.
Groucho Marx

1. This dog remembered his old master after he returned from his wanderings in Ilium . . .

A. Argos
B. Neaera
C. Daunus
D. Fluffy

2. When the God Dionysus, patron of the drama, travels to Hades to bring back Euripides, he is greeted by a chorus of . . .

A. Birds
B. Wasps
C. Frogs
D. Winged Lizards

3. This mischievous canine belonged to the servant Launce in The Two Gentleman of Verona . . .

slow reader?

A. Beagles
B. Crab
C. Sykes
D. Poochie

4. In one of Dickens’ novels, this dog inadvertently leads the cops to his murderous owner . . .

A. Butch
B. Bullseye
C. Buck
D. Banger

5. In Dostoevsky’s Memoirs from the House of the Dead, the condemned murderer writes of his life in prison, where he is befriended by the dog . . .

A. Fyodor
B. Raskolnikov
C. Nikolai
D. Sharik

6. In a well-known 19th century American story, the drunken narrator gouges out his cat’s eye with a pen-knife and later hangs him from a tree. The cat’s name is . . .

A. Pluto
B. Gato
C. Bruto
D. Fritz

7. His name was Boxer and he met his end by . . .

A. drowning in a river
B. being accidentally shot
C. being carted off for slaughter
D. eating poison feed

8. Apart from the metaphorical allusion, Banford and March are literally plagued by a . . .

A. bear
B. cougar
C. fox
D. tomcat

9. The Lapine-speaking Fiver, Hazel, Holly, Bigwig et al are . . .

A. rabbits
B. pigs
C. cows
D. ducks

10. In this 1979 US novel, the protagonist is an alto sax virtuoso, who walks, talks and quotes Shakespeare and Blake. He goes by the generic name of the animal he is, which is?

The Bear

11. In Stephen’s King Pet Sematary, this cat is brought back to life from the dead . . .

A. Widge
B. Church
C. Digger
D. Loops

12. Argus Filch, the caretaker and hall monitor in the Harry Potter series, has a cat named . . .

A. Miss Puss
B. Madam Moo
C. Mrs. Norris
D. Missy Loo

13. This Booker Award-winning novel features a young boy adrift on life boat with a . . .

A. gorilla
B. tiger
C. lion
D. wolf

14. In this Whitbread Award winner, a young boy investigates the death of his neighbor’s dog, named . . .

A. Chops
B. Napoleon
C. Monty
D. Wellington

15. In this 21st century British novel, an aging homosexual retires to Italy and is befriended by a dog named...
Timoleon Vieta

Histories are more full of examples of the fidelity of dogs than of friends.
    Alexander Pope


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Issue 54: July - August 2006 

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