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Graham GreeneGraham Greene Quiz


If you would like to try the quiz click here but the contest is now over. Dawn Thornton from the UK was our prize winner.

Sentimentality--that's what we call the sentiment we don't share.
                                                                                  Graham Greene

1. Greene’s first published work was a small poetry collection entitled…
a. Babbling April
b. The Cruellest Month
c. Resurrection Babble
d. This Month for Sale

2. In his youth Greene wrote a literary biography of…
a. James Macpherson
b. Thomas Chatterton
c. Lord Rochester
d. Madame de Pompadour

3. In which short story do we find the verbose character of the dirty, one-legged Javitt?
a. ‘Under the Garden’
b. ‘The Basement Room’
c. ‘The Green Cockatoo’
d. ‘The Second Death’

4. Greene’s first published novel was…
a. The Name of Action
b. Rumour at Nightfall
c. It’s a Battlefield
d. The Man Within

5. In 1927 Greene married Vivienne Dayrell-Browning. The marriage later failed. One thing that particularly annoyed Greene and drove him from home was…
a. his wife’s dogs
b. his children
c. his wife’s hobby of collecting dollhouses
d. his in-laws

6. Greene’s book A Journey Without Maps was the result of his walking tour through…
a. Mexico
b. Sierre Leone
c. Panama
d. Liberia

7. The film Orient Express was based on which novel by Greene?
Stamboul Train

8. In 1935 Greene became the film critic - and later the literary editor – for…
a. The Times
b. the Spectator
c. the Evening Standard
d. The Nottingham Journal

9. In Brighton Rock Pinkie kills Hale by stuffing what down his throat?
as stick of Brighton rock

10. One of Greene’s most memorable characters is a hare-lipped evil assassin. His name is…
a. Colleoni
b. Raven
c. Minty
d. Grünlich

11. In 1938, while editor of the review Night and Day, Greene found himself involved in a libel suit for having accused a certain actress of pandering to male lust in the film Wee Willie Winkie. Who was the actress?
Shirley Temple

12. In the early to mid-1940s Greene secretly lived with his mistress Dorothy Glover. The two of them worked together to produce some well-received…
a. erotic fiction
b. political essays
c. children’s fiction
d. detective fiction
both of these were accepted

13. Which one of the following Greene novels has not been made into a film?
a. The Confidential Agent
b. The Honorary Consul
c. The Heart of the Matter
d. The Human Factor
e. Brighton Rock
f. Travels with My Aunt
g. It’s a Battlefield
h. Loser Take All
i. The End of the Affair
j. England Made Me

14. Name the actor who played Harry Lime in the film adaption of The Third Man.
a. Orson Welles
b. Joseph Cotten
c. Cary Grant
d. Richard Attenborough

15. Our Man in Havana features the spy Wormold who plays with British intelligence by using his imagination and inventing secret agents, etc. At one point, he dupes the SIS into thinking they have received sketches of ‘secret weapons.’ What he actually sent was sketches of…
a. lawn mower components
b. vacuum cleaner parts
c. a television blueprint
d. a diagram of a refrigerator

16. The End of the Affair closely parallels the real-life love triangle between Greene and Harry and Catherine Walston. Greene and Catherine had a code name for ‘sex’ and this appears in the novel as well. The code name is…
a. tomatoes
b. garlic
c. onions
d. rutabaga

17. Greene once wrote a private pornographic story for his mistress Catherine. The story is titled…
a. ‘Limited Edition’
b. ‘The Pussy File’
c. ‘Open Passage’
d. ‘For Whom the Vulvas Toll’

18. Which of Greene’s novels is set in Haiti?
The Comedians

19. During the 1940s and 1950s many of Greene’s novels were turned into film. Hollywood freely changed plot lines and frequently produced happy endings, the scripts often bearing little relationship to the books. Many of these productions ill serve Greene’s work, but perhaps the most dire of all is one starring Henry Fonda called The Fugitive. On which Greene novel is this film loosely based?
The Power and the Glory

20. Major Scobie appears in…
a. The Heart of the Matter
b. The Confidential Agent
c. A Burnt-Out Case
d. The Ministry of Fear

21. His name is Dr. Plarr and he took delight in the wife of…
a. Maurice Castle
b. Charley Fortunum
c. Henry Miles
d. Quin Savory

22. Who was the inspiration for Aunt Augusta in Travels with My Aunt? a. Mrs. H.G. Wells
b. Barbara Greene
c. Lady Simon
d. Elizabeth Moor

23. Getting to Know the General is based on Greene’s conversations with…
a. Manuel Noriega
b. Francisco Franco
c. Omar Torrijos
d. Papa Doc Duvalier
e. Fidel Castro

24. Which one of the following actors has not appeared in a film adaptation of Greene’s work?
a. Richard Gere
b. Ralph Fiennes
c. Kristin Scott Thomas
d. Julianne Moore
e. Rupert Everett

25. A 2002 film release of The Quiet American features Michael Caine in the role of Thomas Fowler. Who played the role in the 1957 Joseph L. Mankiewicz production?
Michael Redgrave

Web site of interest:
Greeneland: the World of Graham Greene
hosted by Melody Yiu. Also contains a quiz on Greene.

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