issue 35: march - april 2003 

Writers Speak Out on the Issue of War
The Independent


TBR would like to bring to your attention two of the UK’s most outstanding periodicals: The Independent and The Guardian, which have consistently presented some of the best, most intelligent and thought-provoking journalism available - especially welcome after 9/11. A wide and objective range of views is expressed. Commentator Robert Fisk (The Independent) is a favorite. He recently won the Association of Journalists of Rome Silver Microphone award for "European journalists who defend freedom of the press," and he’s well worth following. If his view doesn’t appeal, you’ll find counter-arguments. What you won’t find is commentary and debate of this sort in the more conservative US press, so the UK periodicals provide a much needed balance. Cartoonist Steve Bell (The Guardian) is always worth checking out.

Here we offer some links to articles and commentary by writers, columnists and editorialists on the subject of the war on Iraq. It will be regularly updated, so keep in touch. Best yet, bookmark these newspapers, if they’re not available at your local newstand, and click in regularly.

David Hare, playwright 12 April 2003 The Guardian

Julian Barnes 11 April 2003 The Guardian

Arundhati Roy 02 April, 2003  The Guardian

Comment ("Emperor George") from Jonathan Freedland 02 April 2003 The Guardian

Not In Our Name, Mr. Blair;
editorial from The Independent, 09 March

Martin Amis - The Guardian, 04 March 2003

Julian Barnes, J.G. Ballard, Margaret Drabble
and others -
The Guardian, 27 February 2003

Zadie Smith - The Guardian, 27 February 2003


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