issue 26: September - October 2001 

Virginia Woolf QuizVirginia Woolf Quiz

Twenty-one questions on one of England's great writers. If you think you have them - or close - e-mail your answers by October 31st and win a book by or about Woolf. In case of a tie the winner will be selected by the draw-from-a-hat method.
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1. Virginia Woolf was educated in London
a. at home by her parents
b. at a girls school in Hyde Park Gate
c. by herself at the British Library

The Waves2. When her mother died, the household was run by
a. Vanessa Stephen
b. Stella Duckworth
c. Virginia herself

3. Woolf liked to give animal aliases to people. Her husband was Mongoose, her sister Vanessa was Dolphin.  What was she?

4. Hogarth Press, set up by the Woolfs, did not publish which of these authors?
a. T.S. Eliot
b. Sigmund Freud
c. Charles Darwin
d. Dostoevsky

5. What is the name of Virginia Woolf’s novel that was originally titled Melymbrosia?

6. The character of Katherine Hilbery in Night and Day is loosely based on
a. Lady Robert Cecil
b. Janet Case
c. Anne Thackeray Richie
d. Violet Dickinson

7. Of whom is Clarissa Dalloway speaking: "Exactly the same, thought Clarissa; the same queer look; the same check suit; a little out of the straight his face is, a little thinner, dryer, perhaps, but he looks awfully well, and just the same."?

8."Mr. Bennet and Mrs. Brown" is Woolf’s treatise on

a. modern fiction
b. the feminist movement
c. the state of England
Mrs Dalloway
9. With the royalties from Mrs. Dalloway one of the author’s proud purchases was
a. two new toilets and a bathroom
b. two pair of secateurs and a wheelbarrow
c. twelve bantam hens and wire fencing
d. two electric fires and a new cooker

10. Woolf’s 1933 biography Flush is about
a. an overlooked Pre-Raphaelite female artist
b. the leader of the Women’s Suffrage movement
c. Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s dog

11. Which well-known writer is Woolf referring to: "We could both wish that ones first impression of ______was not that she stinks like a - well civet cat that had taken to street walking. In truth, I’m a little shocked by her commonness at first sight; lines so hard & cheap. However, when this diminishes, she is so intelligent & inscrutable that she repays friendship."?

Virginia Woolf12. Two key texts that are major contributions to feminist theory are A Room of One’s Own and
a. Between the Acts
b. Three Guineas
c. Letter to a Young Poet

13. The fantastic biography Orlando was inspired by
a. Vita Sackville-West
b. Vanessa Bell
c. Christina Rossetti

14. The Hebrides provides the setting for
a. Jacob’s Room
b. To the Lighthouse
c. The Waves

15. Name the work containing six characters and nine chapters.

16. The title of two collections of essays, The Common Reader, is taken from which author and which work?

17. Virginia Woolf’s suicide note to her husband contains

a. some of her finest writing
b. a baffling stream-of-consciousness rant
c. a grocery list
d. acknowledgement of the lame prose

18. Which one of the following actors has never appeared in a film adaptation of a Virginia Woolf novel?
a. Vanessa Redgrave
b. Glenda Jackson
c. Kenneth Branagh
d. Rupert Graves
e. Tilda Swinton
f. Quentin Crisp

19. Which rock band released a single entitled "Virginia Woolf"?
a. The Smiths
b. The Indigo Girls
c. L7
d. Sonic Youth

20. In 1997 a Canadian student found an authentic letter from Virginia Woolf inside a library book which also contained marginal notes by Woolf. What was the book?

21. What is the link between Sigmund Snopek III and Virginia Woolf?

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Virginia Woolf Quiz
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