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James Ellroy QuizThe James Ellroy Quiz

Thirty questions to get you rooting around your Ellroy collections. The prize on offer is a signed copy of Crime Wave and runners up will get a Barcelona bookmarker also signed by James Ellroy. You have until June 30th to read The Cold Six Thousand  in order to answer the few questions that appear. In case of a tie we will draw the winner out of a hat.

The Prize:


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Pit Bulls
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1. Ellroy’s mother first went to L.A because

a. she wanted to be a movie star
b. she wanted to get a job as a nurse
c. she had won a beauty contest and the prize was a trip to L.A.

2. James Ellroy's real name is

a. Lee Earle Ellroy
b. Armand Earle Ellroy
c. Lloyd Earle Ellroy
d. Leroy Earle Ellroy

3. Ellroy's father gave him a book for his 11th birthday which left a strong impression. The book was

a. The Glass Key by Dashiell Hammett
b. The Badge by Jack Webb
c. The Lady in the Lake by Raymond Chandler
d. Double Indemnity by James M. Cain

4. When Ellroy was 27 years old, he found himself tied to a hospital bed, nearly dead from alcohol and inhalers. What were the words that he scribbled on the wall next to his name?

Text Trivia . . .

5. Brown’s Requiem, Ellroy's first novel, gives us the female character Jane Baker, who plays the

a. flute
b. piano
c. cello
d. harp

6. The club that gets torched in Brown’s Requiem is

a. the Black Cat
b. the Pharaoh
c. the Utopia
d. the Silver Star

7. They were a cop team known as Mr. Fire and Mr. Ice. Name the two characters.

Crime wave8. Steve Crane - in the short story "Hush-Hush" from Crime Wave, and in real life - was the owner of this restaurant . . .

a. Luau
b. Pacific Dining Car
c. DuPar’s
d. Rainbow

9. Name their daddies (American Tabloid):

a. Clare ______________
b. Helen ______________
c. Susan ______________

10. Pete Bondurant is first introduced in which novel?

a. L.A. Confidential
b. White Jazz
c. American Tabloid
d. The Big Nowhere

11. . . . and Dudley Smith first appears in

a. The Black Dahlia
b. Because the Night
c. Clandestine
d. Blood on the Moon

12. The character of Laura Hughes (AT) was supposedly the daughter of

a. Howard Hughes and Marlene Dietrich
b. Joe Kennedy and Gloria Swanson
c. mobster Sam Giancana and Jean Harlow
d. William Randolph Hearst and Carole Lombard

13. In "Tijuana Mon Amour" from Crime Wave, what were Sammy Davis Jr. and Danny Getchell smuggling into Mexico?

a. skim money
b. guns
c. stolen furs
d. LSD

14. In the short story "Since I Don't Have You," this character finds himself working for two kingpins, which produces a 'conflict of interest'? Who is he?

a. Buzz Meeks
b. Ward Littell
c. Bud White
d. Pete Bondurant

James Ellroy
Barcelona, April 2001

15. A cozy little club down Tijuana way that Bucky Bleichert visits in The Black Dahlia . . .

a. The Hell Hole
b. Club Vice
c. The Pit
d. The Club Satan
16. Martin Michael Plunkett is

a. a serial killer
b. a pimp for Howard Hughes
c. a cop on the take
d. one of the Black Dahlia's lovers

17. In Clandestine, officer Fred Underhill has a one-night stand with this woman, who is later strangled to death. Her name is

a. Lorna Weinberg
b. Leona Jensen
c. Margaret Cadwallader
d. Karyn Kupcinet

18. In White Jazz there is a subplot where the characters are filming a movie which takes place in

a. Hancock Park
b. Graffith Park
c. Santa Monica Boulevard
d. downtown L.A.

19. Which character doesn´t survive American Tabloid to make it into The Cold Six Thousand?

a. Kemper Boyd
b. John Stanton
c. Sam Giancana
d. Howard Hughes

20. Red bashing and a string of brutal murders is the backdrop for this novel set in L.A., 1950.

a. Because the Night
b. Suicide Hill
c. The Big Nowhere
d. Killer on the Road

21. The sleazy cop in L.A. Confidential who busts movie stars for payoffs from Hush Hush is

a. Bud White
b. Jack Vincennes
c. Ed Exley
d. Lee Blanchard

22. The odd one out in American Tabloid . . .

a. Marilyn Monroe
b. Howard Hughes
c. Jack Ruby
d. Jimmy Hoffa
e. Lee Harvey Oswald
f. J. Edgar Hoover
g. Bobby Kennedy

23. In his grilling for the job of stringer for Hush-Hush (AT), Lenny Sands is asked who has the biggest dick in Hollywood. He throws out two names (real B actors of the times). Who are they?

24. White Rabbit in The Cold Six Thousand is the code name for

a. Martin Luther King
b. Wayne Tredrow Sr.
c. Ward J. Littell
d. Lyle Holly
e. Bayard Rustin

25. After killing Betty MacDonald (TCST), the killer takes

a. a bird
b. a cat
c. a dog
d. a tropical fish

Miscellany . . .

26. His name's Bill Stoner and helped Ellroy

a. investigate the murder of his mother
b. research the Black Dahlia case
c. obtain FBI files on Kennedy and others

27. Which of the following characters has never appeared in a film adaptation of an Ellroy work?

a. Lesley Ann Warren
b. Valerie Perrine
c. Eddie Bunker
d. Charles Durning
e. James Woods
f. James Cromwell
g. Russell Crowe
h. Gary Busey

28. Ellroy met his second wife, writer Helen Knode, while she was writing for which paper?

a. Kansas City Star
b. Santa Barbara Weekly
c. San Francisco Examiner
d. L.A. Weekly

29. Barko now resides in doggie Valhalla, but his earthly reincarnation
can be found in

a. Maurice
b. Dudley
c. Buzz
d. Pete

30. Ellroy currently composes his work

a. by hand
b. on a manual typewriter
c. on an electric typewriter
d. on a Mac Classic

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