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issue 24: May - June 2001 

Quiz Answers

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1. Ernest Hemingway’s first job was as

  • a. a reporter for the Kansas City Star
  • b. a fishing guide in northern Michigan
  • c. an ambulance driver for the Red Cross

2. Hemingway and first wife, Hadley, initially lived exclusively from

  • a. Hemingway’s free-lance journalism
  • b. the gift of an erstwhile benefactor
  • c. the income of Hadley’s trust fund

3. One of Hemingway’s first stories contains the memorable lines: "It isn’t fun anymore. Not any of it." What is the title of the story and to whom is the protagonist speaking at the time?
"The End of Something"          Marjorie

4. Another early story is "Indian Camp." The plot revolves around Nick Adams on a trip in which he

  • a. accompanies an old Indian on a bear hunt
  • b. travels with his doctor father on a house call
  • c. spends the weekend in the woods with some other boys
  • d. loses his virginity on a camping trip

5. When the young Hemingway in Paris showed Gertrude Stein the manuscript of his first novel, she replied: "There is a great deal of description in this, and not particularly good description ."

6. The author to bring Hemingway’s writing to the attention of Scribner’s editor Maxwell Perkins was

  • a. Sherwood Anderson
  • b. Scott Fitzgerald
  • c. Dorothy Parker
  • d. Allen Tate

7. Hemingway’s opinion of The Great Gatsby was that it was

  • a. sentimental muck
  • b. a first-rate novel
  • c. artificial

8. Hemingway drew many characters from real-life acquaintances. Who are the fictional characters based on the following people?

  • a. Agnes Hannah von Kurowsky Catherine Barkley
  • b. Niño de la Palma Pedro Romero
  • c. Duff Twysden Lady Brett Ashley
  • d. Martha Gellhorn Dorothy Bridges
  • e. Dolores Ibarruri herself, known as 'La Pasionaria'
  • f.  Harold Loeb Robert Cohn
  • g. Carlos Gutiérrez Santiago
  • h. Philip Percival Robert Wilson
  • i.  Robert Merriman Robert Jordan
    (Other answers were accepted for d. and h.)

9. One of Hemingway’s hangouts in Key West was

  • a. Red’s Tavern
  • b. The Blue Moon
  • c. Sloppy Joe’s Bar
  • d. Chicote’s Bar

10. The character of Lieutenant Rinaldi appears in which novel?
A Farewell To Arms

11. Protagonist Jake Barnes in The Sun Also Rises suffers from

  • a. impotence
  • b. manic depression
  • c. cirrhosis
  • d. amnesia

12. Who was the author of "Bull in the Afternoon," one of the more damning reviews of Hemingway’s Death in the Afternoon?
Max Eastman

13. In which book does Hemingway present sketches of his early life in Paris in the twenties?
A Movable Feast

14. Big Two-Hearted River was the name Hemingway chose for its poetic and symbolic connotations, but the actual river on which he based the story is

  • a. Rapid River
  • b. Des Plaines
  • c. Bear
  • d. Fox

15. In which novel does the protagonist contract to smuggle Chinese from Cuba into the U.S.? To Have and To Have Not

16. Harry in "The Snows of Kilimanjaro" dies from

  • a. a gunshot fired by his wife
  • b. an attack by a leopard
  • c. gangrene
  • d. malaria

17. The American protagonist in For Whom the Bell Tolls entered the Loyalist army during the Spanish Civil War and was sent to join a guerrilla band where his mission was to

  • a. blow up a bridge
  • b. sabotage a railway line
  • c. conduct hit-and-run raids against the Falangists

18. The character of Philip Rawlings, a correspondent secretly engaged as a counter-spy in besieged Madrid, appears in which work?
The Fifth Column

 19. "A Clean, Well-Lighted Place" is set in

  • a. a hospital
  • b. a newspaper office
  • c. a café
  • d. the home of the narrator’s mistress

20. The entire text of The Old Man and the Sea first appeared in

  • a. Life
  • b. Esquire
  • c. Scribner’s Magazine
  • d. The Paris Review

21. Name the novel in which the protagonist and his lovely new wife experiment with the transfer of sexual identities and come to fall in love with the same woman. Garden of Eden

22. Hemingway refused to travel to Russia in 1922 when asked to go by the Toronto Star where he was employed. His reason was that

  • a. the fishing was poor
  • b. the hotels were bad
  • c. the women were not appealing

23. She calls him Inglés, but the character’s name is actually
Robert Jordan

24. Released in July of 1999 to coincide with Hemingway's 100th birthday, it is the latest of Hemingway’s posthumous novels to be published. What is it? True At First Light

25. Name the feminist critic who argued: "If we weep at the end of [A Farewell to Arms] it is not for Catherine but for Frederic Henry. All our tears are ultimately for men, because in the world of A Farewell to Arms male life is what counts. And the message to women reading this classic love story is simple: the only good woman is a dead one . . . ." Judith Fetterly from The Resisting Reader: A Feminist Approach to American Fiction. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1978.

26. Which one of the following actors never appeared in a film based on Hemingway’s work?

  • a. Gary Cooper
  • b. Elizabeth Taylor
  • c. Ava Gardner
  • d. Ingrid Bergman
  • e. Humphrey Bogart
  • f. Ronald Reagan
  • g. Burt Lancaster
  • h. Gregory Peck
  • i. Susan Hayward
  • j. Lee Marvin
  • k. Rock Hudson


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