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Test your knowledge of one of the most influential writers in the modernist avant-garde of the early 20th century. Our quiz mainly focuses on Ulysses, so dive in if you know those deep waters well, and have a go.


Quiz created by Frank MacGabhann


1. In The Dead what song reminds Greta of Michael Furey?
The Lass of Aughrim

2. As Stephen Dedalus prepares to leave Dublin for good, what does he announce that he goes forth to create?
The uncreated conscience of his race.

3. Why did Leopold Bloom especially like grilled mutton kidneys?
Because they gave to his plate the tang of faintly scented urine.

4. What public house featured in Ulysses is still around to sell drink?
Davy Byrne’s Pub

5.  In the Cyclops episode in Ulysses why do the drinkers say that Leopold Bloom is
cheap?  (The answer is not because Bloom is Jewish.)
Because they think that he has won money on the races that day.
Or: Because he twice refuses to drink.

6. What is the significance of June 16th?
It is Bloomsday. Or: Ulysses takes place on that day.

7.  Who is described as "stately" in Ulysses?
Buck Mulligan

8.  Regarding the concert tour in the north of Ireland in Ulysses, who is getting it
Blazes (or Hugh) Boylan

9.  What is Molly Bloom's Iberian connection?
. She was born in Gibraltar

10.  Why is Molly Bloom's soliloquy so positive?
Because she begins and ends it with "yes".Or: She talks about the day Leopold Bloom proposed to her and she accepted.

11.   In the Nighttown episode in Ulysses, apart from being of no fixed abode, a public nuisance, a bawd and a cuckold, what crimes has Bloom committed, according to the court official?
He is a dynamitard, forger and bigamist.

12.   What is the County Westmeath connection to Ulysses?
Alec Bannon lives there, or Molly Bloom works there.

13.  What actual person was the Citizen modelled on?
Michael Cusack

14.  What county in Ireland was Joyce's father from?

15.  Which Irish play did Joyce want to translate into Italian, but the heirs of the
deceased author refused permission because Joyce had quarrelled with the author?
Riders to the Sea

16.  Stephen Dedalus would often observe his father's uncle praying very fervently.
Stephen advanced three reasons why he might be doing so.  What were two of them?
Perhaps he was praying for the souls in purgatory, or for the grace of a happy death, or that God would send him back part of the fortune he had squandered in Cork.

17.   What was the weapon utilized to kill Ulysses, according to a famous 20th-century male Irish literary personality (who never met Joyce)?
A Harvard thesis (according to Patrick Kavanagh)

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