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American Literature
and Culture of the 1970s

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Name the title of the work . . .

  1. "What can you say about a twenty-five year old girl who died?"; so begins the narrative from the best-selling novel-cum-film which kicked off the decade to a waterfall of tears.

  2. Set in1950s/60s Detroit, this sprawling National Book Award winner follows the lives of a broken, marginalized, poverty-ridden family, the sort that did not get much literary attention at the time.

  3. Pulitzer-winning drama about a disillusioned woman and her daughters, one of whom seeks refuge in a science project at school.

  4. The author/narrator allows chance to direct his actions in ways that are often hilarious but lead to inevitably tragic consequences. The BBC named it "One of the fifty most influential books of the last half of the twentieth century."

  5. Although they may not want to admit it, nearly every American university student read this inspirational, novella-length fable, containing such homilies as "Keep working on love."

    photos of various people from 70s -Nixon, Zappa, The Fonz etc
  6. Scathing satire about a deranged Pontiac dealer named Dwayne who becomes obsessed with the writings of a pulp science fiction writer; contains doodles by the author, including one of an anus.

  7. Postmodern mishmash or masterpiece, depending on one's point of view, this lengthy opus follows the quest undertaken by several of the characters to uncover the secret of a mysterious device named the "Schwarzgerat", or "00000".

  8. "Comic book about death" modeled on the poet Delmore Schwartz.

  9. Novel of an aging and celebrated woman photographer and her ambitious young archivist.

  10. Award-winning drama about a Midwestern family whose patriarch has a dark secret buried in the back field.



Match the names on the left with the most appropriate number on the right then
put the number in the box.

Jim Jones
Joe Namath
Patty Hearst
LeVar Burton
Andrew Wyeth
Barbara Jordan
Jim Croce
Rita Mae Brown
Tom Wolfe
George McGovern
Karen Black
Mark Spitz
Frank Zappa
Daniel Ellsberg
Roe v. Wade
William L. Pereira
National Guardsmen
Gilda Radner
George Wallace
Angela Davis
Louise Brown
Rita Coolidge
The Cunninghams
Billy Jean King
Debbie Harry
Cesar Chavez
Gloria Steinem
Karen Silkwood
Jesse Jackson

1. Roseanne Roseannadanna
2. Pentagon Papers
3. Kris Kristofferson
4. The Fonz
5. Union City
6. Guyana
7. anti-bussing law
8. Kunta Kinte
9. Leroy Brown
10. Watergate
11. Transamerica
12. legalized abortion
13. Kent State
14. pantyhose
15. grapes
16. Kerr-McGee
17. Bobby Riggs
18.   Ms
19. Munich
20. test tube babe
21.Thomas Eagleton
22. PUSH
23. Sheik Yerbouti
24. Harold Haley
25. SLA
26. Rayette Dipesto
27. Laverne
28. Helga
29. Lavender Menace
30. "Me Decade"


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