issue 48: May - June 2005 

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Food and Drink in

From the ancient Greeks to Bridget Jones, food and drink have added sizzle and spice and metaphorical illumination to the printed page. Test your knowledge of literary cuisine and you may win a 30-euro (20 / $30) gift certificate to spend at Amazon; in case of a tie, a name will be drawn. Deadline: July 15, 2005
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The stomach is the premier seat of the emotions.
Ernest Hemingway, Toronto Star Weekly


1. Starting at the beginning . . . it was the food of the Greek gods and goddesses . . .

artichoke2. Beowulf and crew imbibed it at every meal

3. From Twelth Night, Sir Andrew Aguecheek: "Methinks sometimes I have no greater wit than a Christian or an ordinary man has; but I am a great eater of , and I believe that does harm to my wit."

4. Samuel Johnson thought that after slicing and peppering, this food should be tossed in the bin.

5. The film based on Henry Fielding’s classic 18th-century novel featured a lewd and bawdy eating scene between the protagonist and Mrs. Waters. What food do we see them tear into?

6. Mrs. Elton in Jane Austen’s Emma picked and ate too many  at Downwell Abbey.

asparagus7. This character joins some odd hosts for tea - one is even asleep - but before tea, she is offered

8. In this long-running American play of the early 40s, two old dears serve up what ingredient in their elderberry wine?

9. What is the main course of the luxurius dinner that Heminway’s Lt. Henry and Catherine partake of in a Milan hotel room?

10.In this 60s novel, later turned into film, the protagonist is challenged to eat 50 in under one hour.

11. Toni Morrison often uses food in her novels to talk about things other than food. In The Bluest Eye, Mrs. MacTeer’s love for her daughers was as "thick and dark as ."

tomatoes12. In Martin Amis’s London Fields, Keith has a passion for a dish that causes his eyes to water and his ears to smoke. What is it?

13. Poppy Z. Brite’s New Orleans’ goths love this particular liquer.

14. In Michel Faber’s Under the Skin, which animal is bred for consumption?

15. Bridget Jones meets Mark Darcy at a New Year’s Daybuffet. 



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issue 48: May - June 2005 

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