issue 47: March - April 2005 

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Being a writer is having the worst vocation. You’re demon-run, under compulsion, always being driven. It’s a lonely, frustrating work which is never as good as you want it to be. You have to keep on trying, but it’s still not good enough. It’s never good enough. What the reward is for the writer, I don’t know.
                                              Faulkner, Lion in the Garden


1. Faulkner’s invented Yoknapatawpha County was named after...
a.) an old Indian village
b.) a mountain
c.) a stream
d.) a crossroad

2. Name the character, reminiscent of Prufrock, who spoke these lines from Faulkner’s early poetry:

Now that the city grows black and chill and empty,
Who am I, thinks PIERROT, who am I
To stretch my soul out rigid across the sky?

3. After he got sacked from selling books at Lord & Taylor, Faulkner returned to Mississippi to take up the job of...
a.) postmaster
b.) golf caddie
c.) train-station master
d.) ambulance driver

4. Faulkner’s first novel begins with the conversation of two war veterans on a train. Here they meet a third veteran, wounded and befuddled, whose name is...
a.) Gilligan
b.) Lowe
c.) Mahon
d.) Powers

5. The Sound and the Fury grew from a short story of Faulkner’s entitled...
a.) "That Evening Sun Go Down"
b.) "Twilight"
c.) "A Justice"
d.) "Barn Burning"

6. The most vicious of the Compson siblings...
a.) Quentin
b.) Benjy
c.) Caddy
d.) Jason

7. In As I Lay Dying, this is the Bundren who drills holes into his mother’s coffin lid which tear into her face ...
a.) Cash
b.) Darl
c.) Vardaman
d.) Jewel

8. . . . and this is the Bundren who sets the barn on fire...

9. Temple Drake hopes she never sees one of these again ...
a.) a corn cob
b.) a monkey wrench
c.) a dog bone
d.) a flat iron

10. In this haunting war story, a patrol tumbles into a trench where the skeletons of dead soldiers confront them ...

11. Which Hitchcock film has similarities to Faulkner’s "A Rose for Emily"?

12. Percy Grimm castrates Joe Christmas with a kitchen knife in which novel?
a.) Sartoris
b.) Light in August
c.) Mosquitoes
d.) The Wild Palms

13. In Absalom, Absalom! this biblically symbolic character is murdered at the age of 33, sacrificed because of the sins inherited from a previous generation.
a.) Charles Bon
b.) Thomas Stupen
c.) Goodhue Coldfield
d.) Shreve McCannon

14. In one of the connecting tales in The Unvanquished Bayard Sartoris and Ringo Strother hide from a Yankee soldier...
a.) behind an old mule
b.) up Granny Rosa’s chimney
c.) under Granny Rosa’s skirt
d.) inside the soldier’s supply wagon

15. During his script-writing days in Hollywood Faulkner took to this actor, who hadn’t known that Faulkner was a famous writer. "Oh, do you write?" he asked. "Yes, Mr. ______" Faulkner replied. " What do you do?" The innocent actor was ...
a.) Robert Mitchum
b.) Montgomery Clift
c.) Humphrey Bogart
d.) Clark Gable

16. The one thing that Faulkner always had in common with his wife was a love of ...
a.) golf
b.) gambling
c.) alcohol
d.) the opposite sex

17. "Barn Burning," which would win an O.Henry Award and become one of Faulkner’s best known stories, was rejected by many magazines before being picked up by...
a.) Harper’s
b.) Saturday Evening Post
c.) Atlantic Monthly
d.) Scribner’s

18. Ike Snopes falls in love with...
a.) his mother
b.) his sister
c.) a Baptist minister
d.) a cow

19. She was sentenced to hang for the murder of Temple Drake’s infant daughter...
a.) Nancy
b.) Dilsey
c.) Caddy
d.) Miss Maud

20. Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward teamed up for a film adaptation that drew on two Faulkner stories and which novel?
a.) The Sound and the Fury
b.) The Hamlet
c.) Requiem for a Nun
d.) Intruder in the Dust

21. Which one of the following actors did not appear in a film or TV adaptation of Faulkner’s work?
a.) Orson Welles
b.) Joan Crawford
c.) Steve McQueen
d.) Don Johnson
e.) Robert Duvall
f.) Billy Bob Thornton
g.) Tommy Lee Jones
h.) Cybill Shepherd
i.) Angelica Huston

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issue 47: March - April 2005

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