issue 44: September - October 2004 

Forida Quiz


This issue test your knowledge of the Sunshine State’s literature and writers as well as those non-natives who have focused on Florida in their work.

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Name the author:

1. He once wrote an essay concerning Miami Beach, which contains a 234-word sentence and this memorable description: "Over hundreds, then thousands of acres, white sidewalks, streets and white buildings covered the earth where the jungle had been. Is it so dissimilar from covering your pubic hair with adhesive tape for fifty years?"

2. Florida native who utilized her research into the folkways of Haiti and the West Indies in much of her work; perhaps her most famous novel is that of a woman who bucks the social traditions of the all-black Florida town of Eatonville in the early 20th century.

3. Well-known contemporary Florida author who blends mystery with scathing attacks on the abuses of land development, the environment, politics and everything else that seeks to destroy his native state—including the Disney Corporation.

4. Environmental activist and founder of an organization that helps women and children in need, this Florida native’s bestselling novels deal with themes of domestic abuse, broken homes, poverty, courage and redemption—themes which appear in her memoir of 2002.

5. Cuban-American author whose second novel portrays two sisters - one who remains in Cuba; one who flees and joins the excile community in Miami where she pursues the American Dream.

Name the book title:

6. A young boy growing up in the backwoods of Florida in the early 1900’s adopts an orphaned fawn.

7. A blue-collar worker from New Hampshire moves his family to a trailer park in Florida where he meets a Haitian woman also in search of a better life.

8. On a scruffy plot of coastland between Jacksonville and St. Augustine in the 1960s, an unconventional family of four opens a drive-in theater.

9. The film adaptation had a different title and was set in L.A. but in the novel Jackie Burke and Max Cherry hail from Miami.

10. Hell-raisin’ cult writer from Gainsville knocked out a riot of essays, articles and short stories in this collection that covers such topics as cockfighting, dogfighting, poaching gators and mending an injured hawk.

Name the character:

11. A salvage consultant and unlicensed private investigatgor, he lives in Fort Lauderdale on a houseboat he won in a poker game, and appears in 21 novels.

12. South Florida folk hero and outlaw from the early 20th centruy, he was a bootlegger in the Everglades, pursued though the years by lawman Bobby Baker.

13. Former covert ops agent cum marine biologist, now making his eleventh appearance in a series, this character recently inspired the creation of a rum bar and grill, located on Sanibel Island, where the ex-fishing guide author hangs out.

14. In Moat County, Florida, Sheriff Thurmond Call is murdered, and from the swamps, infamous for its intermarriage and violence, this man is arrested, tried, and convicted of the crime.

15. This Florida governor eats road kill and wears a shower cap.

Locations and Place Names . . .

16. Hemingway lived there, wrote about it, and hung out in its bars such as Sloppy Joe’s.

17. It’s a state-of-mind kind of place: "When you are there, you will know it," says the singer/songwriter/author, who got "wasted away" there.

18. The wild swamp area where the orchid thief pursued the ghost orchid and was eventually arrested.

19. In the first of the wild and wacky Serge Storms crime series, Serge ends up in Miami Beach, but the novel begins in

20.Writers Mark Winegardner, Robert Olen Butler and Virgil Suarez live and work in this city.

Nothing to do with fiction or essay, but you gotta know anyway . . .

21. Name the head coach of the Miami Dolphins from 1970 to 1995, the "winningest" coach in NFL history, who did, incidentally, co-author the well-received Everyone's a Coach.

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issue 44: September - October 2004  

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