issue 39: November - December 2003 

Readers Poll Best/Worst of 2003READERS’ POLL 2003: That Was The Year That Was

What was your favorite book, film, play, music of 2003? And what sucked? No need to answer all the categories, only those in which you want to have a say. Also, it’s not necessary that your selections be strictly tied to 2003, as releases internationally don’t always take place the same year and paperback editions come out later, but do try to keep your responses as current as possible. Wuthering Heights may have been your favorite read, but we’re focused on the here and now.

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Favorite book of 2003

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Favorite short fiction writer

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Favorite short story in TBR

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Favorite film of 2003

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Worst film of 2003

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Favorite play/musical

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Best CD

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Thoughts and Opinion 2004------------------------

Advice to a world leader – Bush? Blair? Chirac? Putin? Sharon?
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May you have a prosperous 2004.

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issue 39: November - December 2003 

Short Fiction

Jesse Shepard: First Day She’d Never See
Heather Imani: Martini
Nick Antosca: Where You Can’t Go Again
Marc DuBois: Match End
H.A. Fleming: Who I Was Supposed To Be

   picks from back issues
Irvine Welsh: A Fault on the Line
Pinckney Benedict: Dog


Josh Capps
Pa Don’s Troops


18th-Century English Literature
Answers to last issue’s Book Titles

Readers' Poll

Vote for the best and worst of 2003

Book Reviews

Timoleon Vieta Come Home by Dan Rhodes
The Last Summer of Reason
and The Watchers
by Tahar Djaout

Kids’ Stuff by Henry Sutton
The Long Haul by Amanda Stern
Back Around the Houses by Amanda Boulter
Bliss Street by Ken Kenway

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