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Literature-to-Film Quiz - The Answers
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Hemingway, never satisfied with film versions of his work, said that "an author who sells his books to Hollywood loses his personal integrity." If a character went from Café A to Café B instead of from B to A, producer Zanuck once said, Hemingway was upset. Although he made a lot of money from film adaptations, Hemingway summed up his attitude toward the film industry by suggesting that the best way for a writer to deal with Hollywood was to meet the producers at the California state line: "You throw them your book, they throw you the money. Then you jump into your car and drive like hell back the way you came."


1. Robert Altman interwove a selection of Raymond Carver stories for his film Short Cuts. Tom Waits and Lily Tomlin portrayed characters from which Carver story?
a.) "A Small, Good Thing"
b.) "They’re Not Your Husband"
c.) "So Much Water So Far From Home"
d.) "Will You Please Be Quiet, Please?"

2. A novel that made an especially successful jump to the screen in 1962 contains a creepy character whose name was later picked up by a band. The character’s name is . . .
a.) Jesus Jones
b.) Steerpike
c.) Boo Radley
d.) Norman Bates
e.) Alice Cooper

3. Which fictional character links these actors: Alain Delon, John Malkovitch, Matt Damon and Dennis Hopper? Tom Ripley

4. This 1962 British cult classic contained a final chapter that was cut in the American version of both the novel and film, providing a far more menacing ending. Name the title. A Clockwork Orange

5. Odd one out . . .
a.) Doctor No
b.) From Russia, With Love
c.) Die Another Day
d.) You Only Live Twice
e.) Moonraker
All the others were titles written by Fleming

6. In this film about building a wall - in which the author makes a brief appearance -
the ending differs from the novel. Who is the author?

Paul Auster

7. Which actor recently portrayed the character of Maurice Bendrix in the film adaptation of a Graham Greene novel?
a.) Michael Caine
b.) Stephen Frears
c.) Nick Nolte
d.) Ralph Fiennes

8. Edna Ferber is the author, the novel set in Texas. The film adaptation featured a sex symbol who died before its completion. The name of the character whom the actor played is . . .
a.) Cal Trask
b.) Jett Rink
c.) Jim Stark
d.) Jordan "Bick" Benedict

9. Hemingway argued that this actor was too fat and out of shape to play one of his characters. Who was he?
a.) Spencer Tracy
b.) Humphrey Bogart
c.) Gary Cooper
d.) Ronald Reagan
e.) Adolphe Menjou

10. Many film versions have been made based on this 19th century novel which is narrated by a man named Lockwood. What’s the title?
Wuthering Heights

11. In this British novel, adapted for film, the chief mate of a ship jumps overboard when it threatens to sink. What’s the title?
Lord Jim

12. This popular stage play turned film, set on a New England college campus, features a game called "Humiliate the Host." Who is the character who initiates the game?

a.) Martha
b.) Louise
c.) Helen
d.) Susie

13. This novel describes the love of a New York lawyer for the separated wife of a Polish count. Who is the actress who played the countess in the 1993 film adaptation?
a.) Glen Close
b.) Teresa Russell
c.) Helena Bonham Carter
d.) Michelle Pheiffer

14. Name the award-winning play-cum-film with the famous yell of "Stell-lahhhhhhh!". A Street Car Named Desire

15. Which literary character has been played in over fifty films by actors including an Olympic shot-putter, a U.S. footballer, a British naval officer and the son-in-law of the character’s creator?

16. A southern poet wrote the novel and Burt Reynolds starred in the film. Name the title and author.
Deliverance, James Dickey

17. The nude wresting scene was a famous first in this film based on a classic British novel. What’s the title? Women in Love

18. What word connects Citizen Kane and Samuel Taylor Coleridge?
a.) Kubla Khan
b.) Xanadu
c.) Rosebud
d.) Christabel

19. Which fictional character links Kathy Acker, Brian Cox and Sir Anthony Hopkins? Hannibal Lecter. Cox played him in the first film, Manhunter; Acker had a book titled Hannibal Lecter, My Father; and Hopkins played the role in the three better known films.

20. Which one of the following characters, from literature and film, is purely fictitious?

a) Billy the Kid
b) Blackbeard the Pirate
c) El Cid
d) Macbeth
e) The Prisoner of Zenda
f) Cyrano de Bergerac

21. This author said: "You'd have to kill me and prop me up in the seat of my car with a smile painted on my face to get me to go near Hollywood," but he enjoyed the 1982 film version of one of his novels just before he died. That film, now a classic, reduced the original six-word title to just two. Name the film. Blade Runner

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