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This issue’s quiz is on Barcelona - its native writers and those who have written about it. The winner will receive a recently reissued copy of The Lonely Hearts Club by Raul Nuñez, complements of Serpent’s Tail publishers in the U.K. Set in Barcelona during the 1980s, Nuñez’s short novel (originally titled Sinatra) is a bittersweet tale of a down-on-his-luck native who roams the seedy side of the city.

In case of a tie, a name will be drawn. Answers can be sent to TBR until August 31, 2002. The form is sent as an e-mail so you may get a warning alert. Sept 2002, note: this quiz is now closed.


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1. This writer fought in the Spanish Civil War and trained soldiers in Barcelona. Later, he wrote a now classic account of this time, recording his growing disillusionment with the war. The writer is . . .
a. Ernest Hemingway
b. George Orwell
c. John Dos Passos

2. In 1990 a Barcelona native, who had moved to New York in his youth, was nominated for the National Book Award in the U.S. for a novel he wrote in the 1940s that had never been published. Who is the author and what is the title of the book, which is a delightful portrayal of the Spanish immigrant community in New York?

3. In the detective genre, Barcelona has its own famous private eye, one Pepe Carvalho, whose sleuthings have been translated into many languages. Who is the author of the series?
a. Manuel Vázquez Montalbán
b. Javier García Sánchez
c. Enrique Vila-Matas

4. Somerset Maugham once said of this Barcelona street that it was the most beautiful in the world. It’s still the most popular walk in the city. . .
a. Passeig de Gràcia
b. the Rambles
c. Avinguda Diagonal

5. This feminist writer, for many years director of the Barcelona publishing house Lumen, did not publish her own work until 1978 at age 42. This first novel (El mismo mar de todos los veranos / The Same Sea as Every Summer), part one of a trilogy now translated into English, deals with a short but happy lesbian relationship between the narrator, a middle-age woman abandoned by her husband, and Clara, a devoted young woman. Who is the author?
a. Nuria Amat
b. Ana María Moix
c. Esther Tusquets

6. He has lived outside Spain for most of his life, but was born in Barcelona in 1931 and grew up in the city during the Civil War, which claimed the life of his mother. He’s now considered Spain’s greatest living writer and the Civil War forms the theme of his latest collection, The Garden of Secrets. Who is he?

7. Which South American author once said of Barcelona: "Ugly, vulgar, strident. Rectangular and filthy . . ."?
a. Pablo Neruda
b. Julio Cortázar
c. Jorge Luis Borges

8. During the early 1970s two South American writers of el boom were neighbors in Barcelona. One was García Márquez and the other was . . .
a. Mario Vargas Llosa
b. Manuel Puig
c. Jorge Amado

9. Carmen Laforet’s autobiographical first novel (1944) describes the spiritual desolation of a country emerging from civil war. It was translated into English in 1964 as Andrea, but the original title is...
a. Nadie
b. Nada
c. No sólo yo

10. The authors mentioned above all wrote in Castilian, but of course Barcelona has a wealth of Catalan writers as well. Probably the most translated of the twentieth-century Catalan writers is the author of La Plaça del Diamant (published in English as The Time of the Doves, 1962), which is set in Barcelona and covers some thirty years, from the late 1920s through the Spanish Civil War and the Second World War. The author is...
a. Mercè Rodoreda
b. Montserrat Roig
c. Carmen Riera

11. Considered by many to be Catalan’s most famous twentieth-century poet, he has been translated into many languages . . .
a. Federico García Lorca
b. Rafael Alberti
c. Salvador Espriu

12. The following authors are all popular contemporary Spanish writers. Which one - now widely translated - is Barcelona’s own?
a. Javier Marías
b. Bernardo Atxaga
c. Augustín Cerezales
d. Clara Sánchez
e. Eduardo Mendoza
f. Manuel Rivas

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