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issue 17: march - april 2000 

Jorge Luis Borges

The answers

Our fifth literary quiz was dedicated to Jorge Luis Borges. There was no overall winner but Ted McCombs came the closest with only two wrong answers


1. Whose work was Borges critiquing when he compared T. S. Eliot to Agatha Christie?

       a. Eden Phillpotts
       b. Ralph Waldo Emerson
       c. Emanuel Swedenborg

2. When did Borges win the Nobel Prize for Literature?
He never won

3. Title of the brief story by Borges in which a character turns his suicide into a heroic death by entering into a knife fight knowing he'll lose. "El Sur"

4. What city inspired Borges to write?

       What binds us isn't love but fear;
       that must be why I love you so.
Buenos Aires

5. What Spanish poet inspired Borges to write a sonnet concluding with the following lines?

       You go down and walk on sadly
       Not recalling the verse you wrote:

       And his epitaph the blood-red moon.
Francisco Gomez de Quevedo

6. The collaboration between Adolfo Bioy Casares and Jorge Luis Borges is one of the most productive and lengthy in the history of literature. What was their first work together?

       a. drafting copy for a yogurt advertisement
       b. writing a story together
       c. writing tango lyrics

7. The book of short stories entitled Six problems for Don Isidro Parodi was published in 1942 under the name of a fictitious writer created by Borges and Casares. What was the name of the fictitious writer? H. Bustos Domecq

8. Borges liked to state that contemporary literature would be inconceivable without which two U.S. writers.

       a. Melville and Faulkner
       b. Poe and Whitman
       c. Twain and Fitzgerald

9. What hobby kept Borges' mother busy?

       a. playing piano
       b. breeding canaries
       c. collecting stamps

10. Along with Borges, what two other blind writers also headed the Buenos Aires National Library?
Paul Groussac and Jose Marmol

11. How did Borges change the Sahara desert during a trip to Egypt in 1984? He took a handful of sand from one place to another a few steps away and said "I am a modifier of the Sahara."

12. What sensationalist newspaper published Borges' first story in 1933 under the pseudonym of Francisco Bustos? Critica

13. During his trip to Japan in 1984 Borges followed the steps of what famous 18th-century pilgrim poet. Bashõ

14. What literary award did Borges share with Beckett in 1961?  The Formentor Prize

15. "Not to admire __________ is one of the many forms of stupidity."

       a. John Stuart Mill
       b. Voltaire
       c. Rimbaud

16. In which Borges' story, titled in English, does curiosity overcome fear forcing the character to keep his eyes wide open as he faces a monstrous being?
"There Are More Things"

17. The name of the well-known U.S. magazine that published Borges' only autobiographical essay.
The New Yorker

18. What city inspired Borges to pen the following epithet: "Ugly, vulgar, strident. Rectangular and filthy city..."?

       a. Miami
       b. New Orleans
       c. Barcelona
       d. Geneva

19. While serving as editor of a small magazine, Borges was the first to publish a Latin American writer who would become very famous. Who was it?

       a. Gabriel García Márquez
       a. José Donoso
       b. Julio Cortázar

20. Which animal licked Borges' face and was thus immortalized in one of his poems?

       a. a cat
       b. a dog
       c. a tiger

Some Borges sites of interest:

The Jorge Luis Borges Center for Studies & Documentation

The Garden of Forking Paths

© 2000 The Barcelona Review
Quiz composed by Juan Abreu

This quiz may not be archived or distributed further without the author's express permission. Please see our conditions of use.

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