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SLIDE SHOWsome..er..slides
by Matt Marinovich


The nature of this story just begged for an automated presentation. A JavaScripted version could have had sound and so on but as the BR tries to be as browser friendly as possible, it was decided to use a simple HTML refresh code. This means you can sit back, crack open a can of something and let the code change the pages for you. It is not an exact science so you can use the handcontrol's red button to go back and forth should the timing not match your reading speed (it is faster on Netscape). To quit, hit the black space directly under the text. To save Net time (approx. 7 mins.) you can download the Zip folder (59k) to read later or read a text only version. So settle down, lights off and start the show.


1999  Matt Marinovich                                 

This story may not be archived or distributed further without the author's express permission. Please see our conditions of use. The refresh code is of course free.

Matt Marinovich

Matt Marinovich lives in Boston, Massachusetts. He has had short stories published in The Mississippi Review, Mudfish, Quarterly West, and 5_Trope among others.


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