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PLEASE NOTE: Due to the ever shifting nature of the Internet, updating this page was a major headache and has therefore not been updated for quite some time. Several of those listed below have long gone. TBR




The Adirondack Review on-line quarterly featuring free verse poetry, French and German translations, short fiction. photography and artwork.
AGNI web edition of the long-standing Boston-based review offers some fine past selections, but is no longer current.
Alternative-X a provocative alternative mag. Catch the Black Ice Fiction.
a top quality on-line journal of "Literature, the Arts and Opinion," edited by Katherine McNamara.
Blithe House Quarterly the place to look for gay short fiction.
The Blue Moon Review from Charlottesville, Virginia, the BMR offers a good selection of new short fiction and poetry.
Conjunctions biannual literary review from Bard College. Offers wee sampling on-line of its impressive line-up (always lagging behind print edition); full texts only available in print. Check out Back Issues for more on-line.
Corner San Francisco-based on-line journal dedicated to the avant-garde. Issue 1 (Fall 1998), still available, focuses on the Catalan avant-garde and its history. Texts mostly in Catalan, but with English essays as well. Editor Carlota Caulfield deserves kudos for this thorough and impressive coverage of our very own local scene. Now into its fifth issue.
The Cortland Review on-line magazine in both text and real audio; quarterly but with monthly updates. Mostly poetry but with some fiction as well.
eyeshot editor Lee Klein presents "on-line litter for the ill and literate."
Gowanus from New York, editor Thomas J. Hubschman presents "An International Online Journal of Ideas and Observations."  Quarterly.
Granta as with the Paris Review this other Big Daddy of literary reviews is short on Net content. Offers a few brief extracts.
The Iowa Review literary quarterly sponsored and published by the renowned University of Iowa; now offers The Iowa Review Web, with additional material to the print review.
Jacket from Australia an Internet quarterly of poetry, interviews, reviews, articles on type and photography; sponsored by Australian Literary Management, edited by John Tranter. Chock-full of high quality material.
The Literary Review impressive quarterly of Fairleigh Dickinson University offers complete on-line edition; now offers additional material at TLRWEB.
Mississippi Review well-known quarterly journal primarily devoted to short fiction has a thorough on-line edition of back issues. Now with a separate online review.
The Missouri Review Editor Speer Morgan heads the revered MR; good on-line selection. Now with a separate online review.
Oyster Boy Review biannual review from North Carolina of new fiction, poetry, photography and book reviews. Excellent links page. No longer publishing, but archives available.
The Paris Review contains titillating index, as one would expect from editor Plimpton's famous mag, but more Net space devoted to subscription info than actual contents. Worst tease of all: showing only the first paragraph or two of the texts.
Pif an electronic literary magazine dedicated to publishing poetry and short-fiction by new and emerging writers. Book, CD, movie reviews and political commentary also on offer.
Ploughshares web edition contains good samples from current and recent issues. Quality content.
Quarterly Black Review of Books features some of the best African-American writing, reviews, and interviews.
The Richmond Review (UK) UK's first electronic review contains some of the best short fiction (including crime and noir), essays, features, poetry and reviews to be found anywhere on the Net; includes a Travel section. No longer publishing, but archives available.
The Sewanee Review University of the South's excellent, long-standing review is short on on-line fiction, but has good selection of reviews.
SoMa Literary Review :"new voices from San Francisco's subculture"; SoMa  is the trendy abbreviation for S.F.'s South of Market neighborhood . Covers the gay scene and subculture of the barrio.  Fiction, rants, reviews, news.  Monthly updates. 
Southern Cross Review from Argentina editor Frank Thomas Smith presents a review with English and Spanish offerings covering "literature and social and spiritual themes." Submissons welcome; see guidelines.
Southern Ocean Review international literary quarterly from New Zealand offers forum for new writers. Submissions are considered from all over the world. Short stories, poetry, comment, reviews, criticism.
Suspect Thoughts Greg Wharton's on-line journal of 'subversive writing . . . focuses on writing that blurs the lines between genres, that isn't afraid that it might enrage, frighten, cause laughter, or even confuse, while perhaps arousing sexual desire.'
The Sycamore Review click 'available on-line' for full texts and artwork from back issues of Purdue University's fine review.
Web del Sol a "literary arts complex"; one of the web's largest literary portals.
Zoetrope: All-Story literary review from Francis Ford Coppola's American Zoetrope complex; offers a forum for writers to receive feedback on their work in exchange for crtiquing the work of others.
ZYZZYVA west-coast lit quarterly offers fair selection of print content.

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Australian Humanities Review a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary electronic journal, published quarterly with updates every 2 weeks. Be sure to click 'browse' for a look at back issues.
Celestial Timepiece truly impressive, award-winning Joyce Carol Oates Homepage as compiled by librarian Randy Souther.
Hispanic Culture Review journal published once or twice yearly by students of George Mason Univeristy; includes essays, fiction, and poetry in English and Spanish.
Literary Kicks Levi Asher 's cool site covers the Beats. Dig it.
Thomas Pynchon San Narcisco Community College Thomas Pynchon Home Page.
the official site of the International Vladimir Nabokov Society; chock-full of good info and news updates. See also Waxwing created by J.M. Martinez,which has a new (and even easier) layout and a nice personal touch.

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3am  Magazine  "From 'cutting edge short fiction' to political satire and music reviews, 3A.M. is a dream publication for the young, literary and clued-up . . ." Bill Broun, The Times. Edited by Andrew Gallix in France.  Highly recommended.
Church of the SubGenius Poppy Z. first clued us to this one years ago. Get religion with Uncle Bob and binge with the lunatic fringe.
eyeshot editor Lee Klein presents "on-line litter for the ill and literate."
Feminista! "On-line Journal of Feminist Construction: Art, Literature, Social Commentary, Philosophy, Wit, Humor and Respect." That it is.
Hispanic Online web version of Hispanic magazine offers select articles on Latin culture,
news, entertainment and education. But it's the magnificent Latino links that is most impressive
Holy Titclamps Gay zine from San Francisco's Larry-bob. Well worth a look. Excellent 'hot list of cool queer sites.'
MojoWire where the Left speaks and speaks well; good on-line edition of Mother Jones.
Nerve the magazine of "Literate Smut," as they say, but "literate" is the key word. A delightful, sex-oriented, quality lit mag from New York.
The Onion "America's Finest News Source" - no argument from us! Satirical mag full of laughs.
Salon THE big web zine, with something for everyone despite its US orientation; appears daily.
Time Out (UK) contains not only London info, but world wide city guides.
Purple headed womb broom? Beaver Cleaver? Beef Curtain? Words that inspired a Catalan short story (see BR issue 6) LOST? The "Profanisaurus" is where you should head.

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ACE Traductores es la Sección de Traducción de la Asociación Colegial de Escritores de España. Su página contiene abundantes informaciones sobre el mundo de la traducción, incluyendo un censo de traductores en línea, una sección de noticias de prensa relacionadas con la traducción y el mundo del libro, una selección de artículos de la revista de traducción Vasos comunicantes, información variada sobre servicios, actividades, convocatorias y premios, así como multitud de enlaces de interés para los traductores.
Argos. Revista de poesía, narrativa y teatro de la Universidad de Guadalajara, México.
Babab.com Revista de cultura. Revista de cultura con secciones de literatura, cine, música, teatro, pintura, ciencia, fotografía, cómic y escultura.
Ciberayllu Revista peruana y latinoamericana de cultura y literatura. Contiene ensayos de actualidad sobre realidad latinoamericana y literatura. Colaboraciones de narrativa breve, poesía y un interesante apartado de estudios sobre José María Arguedas. CRITICA.CL Página independiente y de libre acceso que desde su fundación, en 1997, y cada vez con mayor propiedad, constituye un espacio de análisis y confrontación de ideas sobre la cultura y el pensamiento en América Latina. Literatura, plástica, cine, historia del arte y otras disciplinas procedentes del campo de las humanidades.
El Coloquio de los Perros. Revista española de literatura y cultura. Contiene apartados dedicados al Comic, a las artes plásticas y visuales, teatro, narrativa, etc.
Contratiempo. Revista de pensamiento y cultura. Literatura, filosofía, historia, arte, comunicación, periodismo y arquitectura. Cuenta además con un ilustrativo archivo fotográfico de la ciudad de Buenos Aires.
Eldígoras. Ofrece un interesante portal de español como lengua extranjera, poesía italiana, poesía francesa, la revista El Otro Mensual de arte y literatura, y mucho más.
Lateral. Revista de cultura. La edición digital publica algunos de los contenidos de la versión impresa. Además de las clásicas secciones de literatura, poesía, debate, historia, política y ensayo, cuenta con interesantes secciones de "Música", reseñas de flamenco, jazz, músicas del mundo, "Galería", un artista gráfico por mes; "Fotografía", que expone un trabajo fotográfico relevante, "Sin ficción", espacio para el periodismo literario y de investigación; "Cine documental", que informa y reflexiona sobre las últimas producciones de este género realizadas en todo el mundo; "Anacrónica", que recoge antiguallas curiosas y, a veces, de sorprendente actualidad, etc.
Letralia, Tierra de Letras. Contiene entrevistas y artículos de actualidad. Publica poesía, narrativa, ensayo y otros géneros de autores inéditos.
Loring Art. Inaugurada en '96 Loring Art es la primera librería de Barcelona especializada en arte contemporáneo, donde los libros fundamentales de arte, diseño, fotografía y arquitectura del siglo XX conviven con ediciones singulares, publicaciones difíciles de encontrar y revistas especializadas.
Revista Literaria Letras Abiertas, tiene noticias sobre temas literarios, consejos para escritores, biografías, sitios recomendados, obras publicadas de participantes de sus certámenes, curiosidades, etc. Enviada gratuitamente todos los meses a quienes la soliciten vía e-mail.
Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña. Institución gubernamental del Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico. Fomento de las artes, las artes plásticas, las artes populares, arqueología, museos y parques, monumentos y zonas históricas, música, publicaciones y grabaciones, el teatro y la danza, el Archivo General y la Biblioteca General; y extiende su gestión de promoción cultural por toda la Isla, a través de los Centros Culturales, organizaciones autónomas en los pueblos.
No-Michi. Revista del haijin en castellano. Página dedicada a los Haikus. Entrevistas, artículos, concursos. Edita obras de escritores noveles en formato E-Book.
Quechua Network. Portal cultural de la Región Andina. Interesante y completo website que promueve la investigación, rescate y difusión de los valores culturales de los pueblos originarios de la región andina. Contiene artículos sobre filosofía, cosmovisión, mitología andina, etc.
SANESOCIETY.ORG es una organización internacional dedicada a fomentar la creatividad y la comunicación entre gentes de distintas culturas, países y disciplinas artísticas (música, pintura, escultura, fotografía, literatura, vídeo, etc.).
Solo Literatura. Una verdadera enciclopedia de autores hispanoamericanos. Se puede encontrar, a través de enlaces, textos de diversos escritores así como ensayos y reseñas sobre sus obras, bibliografías, biografías, etc. Contiene también una sección de noticias, un foro y otra de los innumerables reconocimientos recibidos.
Centro de Estudios y Documentación "Jorge Luis Borges" un instituto universitario creado en 1994, y enteramente consagrado a estudios borgesianos en relación con la filosofía (epistemologías transversales), la semiótica y la literatura comparada. El Centro está situado en la Universidad de Aarhus, y pone su estructura y sus medios a la disposición de todos los investigadores interesados en la misma área de actividad. Las lenguas de trabajo son el inglés, el francés y el castellano.

El Cuarto del Quenepón revista cultural de Puerto Rico
Instituto Cervantes la promoción y la enseñaza de la lengua española
Mundo Latino Rincón Literario
Péndulo la primera revista electrónica literaria de México
Poesiasalvaje.com  Revista  de "poes’a rebelde" con una espectacular página de enlaces.
revista de poesía (Columbia)
Rincón Verde: Dedicado a Federico García Lorca

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AELC L'Associació d'Escriptors en Llengua Catalana, que ja té més de 25 anys d'existència, té més de 500 socis, entre els quals hi ha escriptors (de totes les zones de parla catalana) que treballen en tots els camps, des de la novel.la i la poesia fins al guionatge i la traducció. La seva web és força recent i inclou una llista diària d'esdeveniments literàries arreu dels Països Catalans a més de les últimes notícies culturals, i enllaços amb el suplements culturals de la premsa catalana i international.
Badosa (català)
Badosa EPC és un projecte de difusió gratuïta de textos literaris inèdits de diversos autors en format electrònic.
Corner Vanguardia Catalana (Fall 1998)
Josep Lluís Seguí. Autor (AELC)
PROPOST (Projectes Poètics Sense Títol) és una associació d'agitació al voltant de la propostes poètiques contemporànies, responsables, entre d'altres, de projectes com Viatge a la Polinèsia, PROPOSTA (festival internacional de poesies+polipoesies) i Micronèsia.
VilaWeb Diari Electrònic Independent


Centre d'Études et de Documentation "Jorge Luis Borges" un institut universitaire entièrement consacré aux étude borgesiennes en rapport avec la philosophie ("épistémologies transversales"), la sémiotique et la littérature comparée. Le Centre est situé à l'Université de Aarhus (Danemark) et met sa structure et ses moyens à la disposition de tous les chercheurs intéressés au même type d'activités. Les langues de travail sont le français, l'anglais et l'espagnol.

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ALTA/American Literary Translator Association
BCLT/British Centre for Literary Translation
Translation Links excellent data base compiled by Dieter Wiggert.
Resources for Translators and Interpreters
Online Resources for Writers
ACE Traductores es la Sección de Traducción de la Asociación Colegial de Escritores de España. Su página contiene abundantes informaciones sobre el mundo de la traducción, incluyendo un censo de traductores en línea, una sección de noticias de prensa relacionadas con la traducción y el mundo del libro, una selección de artículos de la revista de traducción Vasos comunicantes, información variada sobre servicios, actividades, convocatorias y premios, así como multitud de enlaces de interés para los traductores.
Trujamán Centro Virtual Cervantes (España)


Bookwire a comprehensive publishing portal
The Copyright Website
John Labovitz's e-zine list
a comprehensive list of e-zines built up since 1993; Labovitz will no longer be updating, as he is moving on. Still one of the best e-zine resources available.
Library of Congress direct access to the Library of Congress and its resources.
The Slot: A Spot for Copy Editors

Spanish ISBN Data Base (Consultas a la base de datos [ISBN: Formulario]) Listings for all books published in Spain; site only in Spanish, but the basic find/search layout makes is dead easy to navigate. Keep in mind that "agotado" means out of print.

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Poets & Writers On-line
Online Resources for Writers
Writer's Digest "the online guide to writing life"


The Guardian./Books
The Independent/Books

New York Times on the Web: Books  
Village Voice book, film and theater reviews, as with other content, randomly available on-line from New York's provocative weekly mag. See also Village Voice Literary Supplement
Washington Post/Books

San Francisco Chronicle/Books
The Miami Herald
Willamette Week Portland, Oregon

(general news only; book reviews not available)
Avui (català; Barcelona)
El Pais (español; Madrid)
El Periodico (español y català; Barcelona)
La Vanguardia (español; Barcelona)

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Internet Movie Database
The New York Times Current Film Reviews and NYT Film Archive
The Roger Ebert Movie Files


The Blackstaff Press from Belfast, Ireland; offers quality selection of mostly Irish books. On-line ordering available.
Canongate Books a favorite from Scotland. Includes Payback Press and Rebel, Inc. imprints, the latter responsible for launching Irvine Welsh, Alan Warner, et al. Writers take note of the Canongate Prize for New Writing.
City Lights Booksellers and Publishers San Francisco's world-famous bookstore also publishes a wide range of titles, including translations by such authors Juan Goytisolo and Carmen Martín Gaite.
Counterpoint Press (U.S.) member of Perseus Books Group; publishes serious literary work, with particular emphasis on natural history, science, philosophy and contemporary thought, history, art, poetry, and fiction. Authors include Carole Maso, Frederick Barthelme and Gary Snyder.
Dalkey Archive Press from the U.S., Dalkey publishes innovative fiction, including reprints and translations. The Press is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making available and promoting the best in literary fiction. Web site includes descriptions of forthcoming titles, new releases, and provides an annotated listing of backlist titles.
.I.M.P. Fiction  launched by publisher Kaye Roach in January 1998, I.M.P. Fiction has quickly established itself as one of the most innovative and cutting-edge publishing houses in the country.
No Exit Press another favorite small UK publisher, specializing in crime fiction.
Ontario Review Press distinguished small press edited by Raymond Smith
Serpent's Tail one of the best UK small press publishers shows what's available and there's always something.

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Atticus Books from Washington, D.C. Atticus Used Books and Music is a renowned antiquarian bookstore run by writers Richard Peabody and Lucinda Ebersole, coeditors of the small press Gargoyle.
City Lights where to go in San Francisco (see Small Press Publishers); founded by Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Peter D. Martin in 1953, City Lights is one of the most outstanding independent bookstores in the U.S.
Gleebooks from Sydney, Australia, a large independent bookstore with extensive offerings in the humanities; and, of course, a full-range of Australian literature. Online book ordering available.
Hibernian Books Barcelona's second-hand English bookstore.  Internet access; tea and coffee; warm atmosphere.
La Central Llibreria la llibreria d'humanitats amb més de 85.000 títols... Barcelona bookstore carrying mainly Spanish and Catalan titles, but with a small, carefully chosen English section as well.
Powell's Books a huge independent bookstore in Portland, Oregon; stocks over a million used and new books in all subject areas. "One of the best bookstores in the English-speaking world," says The Washington Post, and we couldn't agree more. Worth a trip to Portland in itself. Online book ordering available.


Amazon (US) and Amazon (UK)
Australian Online Bookshop
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