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Book Reviews: Issues 1-50
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issue 50

Paul Theroux Blinding Light

issue 49

Nicholas Royle
Cathi Unsworth
The Not Knowing

issue 48

Dennis Cooper
Lionel Shriver
Robert Lewis
Stella Duffy
The Sluts
We Need to Talk About Kevin
The Last Llanelli Train
Mouths of Babes

issue 47

Dave King
Valerie Mason-John
The Ha-Ha
Borrowed Body

issue 46

Jenny Davidson
Adrian McKinty
Miyuki Miyabe
Hidden River
Shadow Family

issue 44

Andrew Crumey
Joolz Denby
Mobius Dick
Billie Morgan

issue 43

Barry Gifford
Danuta de Rhodes
Nic Kelman
Brian Leung
Charlie Williams
Melissa P.
Suhayl Saadi
Do the Blind Dream?
The Little White Car
World Famous Love Acts
One Hundred Strokes of the Brush Before Bed

issue 42

Ged Simmons
Geoff Nicholson
James Carlos Blake
Ryu Murakami
Marion Meade
The Gravedigger’s Story
The Hollywood Dodo
Handsome Harry
In the Miso Soup
Bobbed Hair and Bathtub Gin

issue 41

Tom Robbins
Fernanda Eberstadt
Adrian McKinty
Jonathan Trigell
Pat MacEnulty
Villa Incognito
The Furies
Dead I May Well Be
Boy A
The Language of Sharks

issue 40

Christopher Fowler
Kate Christensen
Mary Woronov
John Gist
Newton Thornburg
Manuel Vázquez Montalbán
Demonized and The Devil in Me
The Epicure’s Lament
Blind Love
Lizard Dreaming of Birds
An Olympic Death and The Buenos Aires Quintet

issue 39

Dan Rhodes
Tahar Djaout
Henry Sutton
Amanda Stern
Amanda Boulter
Ken Kenway
Timoleon Vieta Come Home
The Last Summer of Reason
and The Watchers
Kids’ Stuff
The Long Haul
Back Around the Houses
Bliss Street

issue 38

Ron Butlin
Nadine Gordimer
Garrison Keillor
Adam Klein
Walter Mosley
Night Visits
Loot and Other Stories
Love Me
Tiny Ladies
Fear Itself

issue 37

Anne Donovan
Emily Carter
Adrian Nicole LeBlanc
David Peace
Walter Mosley
Steve Aylett
Buddha Da
Glory Goes and Gets Some
Random Family
Nineteen Eighty
Six Easy Pieces

issue 36

Margaret Atwood
Iain Bahlaj
George P. Pelecanos
Stephen Jones
Oryx and Crake
Harry and Ida Swop Teeth

issue 35

Daniel Chavarria
Amy Prior, editor
Adios, Muchachos
Strictly Casual: Fiction by Women on Love

issue 34

Matthew Stokoe
Eric McCormack
Brian Littlefair
High Life
The Dutch Wife
Desert Burial

issue 33

Bharati Mukherjee
Joel Lane
Joel Lane
Desirable Daughters
From Blue To Black
The Blue Mask

issue 32

Adam Haslett
Haruki Murakami
Dorothy B. Hughes
You Are Not a Stranger Here
After the Quake
Ride The Pink Horse

issue 31

Raul Nuñez
Mary Woronov
Jason Starr
Sam Bain
The Lonely Hearts Club
Hard Feelings
Yours Truly

issue 30

Dennis Cooper My Loose Thread

issue 29

Elizabeth Young
Steve Aylett
Daniel Woodrell
Chip Kidd
Pandora’s Handbag: Adventures in the Book World
Only an Alligator
The Death of Sweet Mister
The Cheese Monkeys: A Novel in Two Semesters

issue 28

Suhayl Saadi
Lawrence Schimel
Anne Donovan
Brian McCabe
James Sallis
Bruno Maddox

The Burning Mirror
His Tongue
A Date with My Wife
Ghost of a Flea
My Little Blue Dress

issue 27

Doris Lessing
Steve Aylett
James Kelman
The Sweetest Dream
Translated Accounts

issue 26

Joyce Carol Oates
Yann Martel
Mark Winegardner
Larry Hand
Middle Age: A Romance
Life of Pi
Crooked River Burning
Whiskers On Pine

.issue 25

Rufus Goodwin
Chris Sheerin
Abdulrazak Gurnah
Soul Street
Chasing Shadows
By The Sea

issue 24

James Ellroy
Pedro Juan Gutiérrez
Bill Broady
Sara Bird
The Cold Six Thousand
Dirty Havana Trilogy
In This Block There Lives a Slag .
The Yokota  Officers Club

issue 23

Mark Anthony Jarman
Frank Huyler
Chris Adrian

Stuart David
Martin James
19 Knives (short stories)
The Blood of Strangers: Stories From ....
Gob’s Grief
The Peacock Manifesto
Moby: Replay – His Life and Times

issue 22

Jeffrey Meyers
Frederick Barthelme
Orwell: Wintry Conscience of a Generation
The Law of Averages

issue 21

Ernesto Quiñonez
Steve Aylett
David Bergman & Karl Woelz Sonny Barger with Keith and                        Kent Zimmerman
Andrew Masterson
Caleb Carr
Martin Millar
Bodega Dreams
Men on Men 2000
Hell’s Angel: The Life and Times of Sonny Barger
The Second Coming: The Passion of Joe Panther
Killing Time
Milk, Sulphate and Alby Starvation:

issue 20

Carole Maso
Carole Maso
Carole Maso
Barbara Jones
Stephen Jones
Stuart David
Wang Shuo
Anthony Bourdain
The Room Lit by Roses
Break Every Rule
Moonlight Bowl Manifesto
The Bad Book 
Nalda Said
Please Don’t Call Me Human
Kitchen Confidential

issue 19

Michael Collins
Rupert Thomson
Tom Robbins
Michael Faber
Laura Hird
Ike Eze-anyika
Marc Behm
The Keepers of the Truth
The Book of Revelation
Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates
Under the Skin
Born Free
Canteen Culture
Afraid to Death

issue 18

George Saunders
Rachel Resnick
Joyce Carol Oates
Sparkle Hayter
Charles Baxter
Fred G. Leebron
Go West Young F*cked Up Chick
The Chelsea Girl Murders
Feast of Love
Six Figures

issue 17

Apostolos Doxiadis
E.L. Doctorow
Sheri Holman
Uncle Petros and Goldbach’s Conjecture
City of God 
The Dress Lodger 

issue 16

Leslie Stainton
A.M. Homes
Andrew Motion (introduced by)
Lorca: A Dream of Life
Music For Torching
Babel: new writing

issue 15

Javier Marías
Georgia de Chamberet ed
Matthew Stokoe
Marsha Hunt ed.

Clem Cairns  ed
When I Was Mortal
XCITÍES, New French Writing
The Junk Yard, Voices From an Irish Prison
From The Bering Strait: Winners of Ireland’s Fish Short Story Prize

issue 14

Steve Erickson
Steve Aylett
Steve Aylett
The Sea Came in at Midnight

issue 13

G.K. Wuori
Leslie Marmon Silko
Duong Van Mai Elliott
Dan Fesperman
John Gist
Nude in Tub
Gardens in the Dunes
The Sacred Willow
Lie in the Dark

issue 12

Stacy Schiff
Yxta Maya Murray
Daniel Woodrell
Joe Quirk
James Sallis
Vera (Mrs. Vladimir Nabokov): A Biography
Tomato Red
The Ultimate Rush

issue 11

Matthew Rettenmund
John McCabe
Andrew Masterson
Anne Arensberg
Gardener Mckay
Blind Items
The Last Days, The Apocryphon of Joe Panther

issue 10

Emily Prager
Jill Dawson
Michael Largo

Fred Willard
John Milne
Kem Nunn
Jack O’Conner
Roger Fishbite
Lies Within
The Jealous God
Down on Ponce
Dead Birds and Alive and Kicking
The Dogs of Winter
Box Nine                               

issue 9

Irvine Welsh 
Michael Faber
Jason Starr
Anne Rice
Anne McManus
Christopher Fowler
Some Rain Must Fall
Nothing Personal
The Vampire Armand 
I Was a Mate of Ronnie Laing
Soho Black

Issue 8

Alan Warner
Peabody/Ebersole/ eds.
Elmore Leonard,
George V. Higgens,
The Sopranos
Gargoyle #41
Be Cool (sneak preview)
The Agent (sneak preview)

issue 7

Dale Peck
Sarah Waters
Christopher Fowler,
Lisa Reardon
Francine du Plessix Gray,
Now It's Time to Say Goodbye
Tipping the Velvet
Personal Demons
Billy Dead
At Home With The Marquis De Sade: A Life

 issue 6

Mark Maxwell
Sarah Champion (editor)
Haruki Marukami
Marya Hornbacher
Roberta Sykes 
Disco 2000
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle
Snake Cradle

issue 5

Dorothy Allison
David Prill
Laura Hird
Maria Flook
Second Coming Attractions
Nail and Other Stories
My Sister Life: The Story of My Sister's Disappearance
issue 4 Bharati Mukherjee
Indira Ganesan
Toni Morrison
Murray Bail
Leave It To Me
 issue 3 Jason Starr
Patricia Duncker
Mick Jackson
Penelope Evans
May-Lee Chai
Darcey Steinke
Brian Morton
Cold Caller
Hallucinating Foucault
The Underground Man
My Lucky Face
Jesus Saves
Starting Out In the Evening
 issue 2 Bertie Marshall
Nicholas Blincoe
Christopher Fowler
Jim Grimsley
Rafi Zabor
Poppy Z. Brite (editor)
Lisa St. Aubin de Teván
Ric Alexander (editor)
Matthew Collin  

Arundhati Roy
Larry Baker
Sandra Tsing Loh
Jello salad
My Drowning
The Bear Comes Home
Love in Vein 11
The Palace
Cyber-Killers An anthology
Altered State: The Story of Ecstasy Culture and Acid House
The God of Small Things
Flamingo Rising
If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home By Now
 issue 1 Alan Warner
Kirsten Bakis
Sarah Champion (editor)
Slavenka Drakulic
Mark Maxwell
Stewart O'Nan
David Madson
These Demented Lands
Lives of the Monster Dogs
Disco Biscuits
The Taste of a Man
That Other Lifetime
Speed Queen
Confessions of a Flesh-eater
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