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03 Issue 75 Issue 76 Issue 77  



Short Fiction
Claire Castillon: I Said One
Colm Berrill: Chair
PD Mallamo: Floyd-Eyes
Tracy Gonzalez: Expeditions
Raúl Ortega Alfonso: The Family

picks from back issues
Donald Ray Pollock: Pill
Niall Griffiths: Coming of Age

Patricia Highsmith
Answers to Lit Crit 101
Answers to Anglo-Asian Literature

book reviews
The Devil All the Time by Donald Ray Pollock


Short Fiction
Alan Heathcock: Volt
Seth Fried: The Frenchman
Tom Gething: Sabotage
Julienne Busic: The Chipmunk
Steve Aylett: two shorts: Sky and Graceland

picks from back issue
s Michel Faber: Some Rain Must Fall
Laura Hird Of Cats and Women

Basic Bradbury
s to Patricia Highsmith

book reviews
The Deadman’s Pedal by Alan Warner


Short Fiction
James Carlos Blake: Miranda of Mazatlán
Des Dillon: Ten Pound Note
Lidia Yuknavitch: excerpt from Dora: A Headcase
Steve Aylett: excerpt from Novahead

picks from back issues
Nicholas Royle: Trussed
Mark Anthony Jarman: Cougar

Ian McEwan
answers to Basic Bradbury

book reviews
Novahead by Steve Aylett
Dora: A Headcase by Lidia Yuknavitch


    Year: 1997 - 2003 | 2004 - 2007 | 2008 - 2012 | 2013 - 2017 | 2018- 2022 |Complete TBR back issues by author

02 Issue 73 Issue 74    

january- June

Short Fiction
Joe Sorrentino:

Cameron Pierce: Pablo Riviera, Depressed, Overweight, Age 31, Goes to the Mall
Jeremy C. Shipp: Neighbors
Heather Fowler: You Remember, Jeanie Bean?

special feature: Free Novel
Stuart David: Peacock’s Tale

picks from back issues
Alicia Erian: When Animals Attack Dorothy Speak: The View From Here

Anglo-Asian Literature
Answers to: Nobel Prize Winners in Literature

Book Reviews
The Great Wen A new eZine from London

june - december  

short Fiction
Stephen O’Connor:
 White Fire

Caitlin Horrocks:
 The Lion Gate
Roxane Gay: What They Say About Happily Ever After

Raha Namy:
 All the Dots Are Connected, Somehow

Anis Shivani:
Why is American Fiction in Its Current Dismal State?

picks from back issues
Roberto Bolaño: Sensini
G.K. Wuori:
 Naked With Boys

quizzes Lit Crit 101 Anglo-Asian Literature

book reviews Against the Workshop: Provocations, Polemics, Controversies by Anis Shivani



01 Issue 70 Issue 71 Issue 72  


Short Fiction
Tony Macnabb:
An Audience with Osama

Susan Daitch: Debtor’s Prison
Brett Rosenblatt: Floater
Russell Hehn:
 Baby Jasmine and the Earthbound Hearse

Spencer Carvalho: Revolver Concert

picks from back issues
Alicia Erian: When Animals Attack Caroline Kepnes: My Son, the Priest

Interview 11 Questions for Tony DuShane, by Jill Adams

Quiz Excerpts from 10 Top 21st-century Novels
Answers to: Haruki Murakami

Book Reviews
Confessions of a Teenage Jesus Jerk by Tony DuShane
How Clarissa Burden Learned to Fly by Connie May Fowle
So Much for That by Lionel Shriver Searching for Suzi, a flash novel, by Nancy Stohlman

march - april  

Short Fiction
G.K. Wuori: A Temporary Princess
Mesha Maren: Eminent Domain
Joseph Hansen: The Gift

Sudden Fiction Latino
Junot Díaz: Alma
Dagoberto Gilb: Shout
Luis Alberto Urrea: The White Girl

Dagoberto Gilb: The Hexagon of the Conquest
Josh Capps: A Better Version of Me

picks from back issues
Pete Duval:
 Fun with Mammals

Ann Cummins: 
Where I Work
10 Super Bad Guys in Contemporary Literature

Answers to:  Excerpts from 10 Top 21st-Century Novels

Book Reviews
Sudden Fiction Latino
, edited by Robert ShadardJames Thomas and Ray Gonzales
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Roberta Skloot
This Party’s Got to Stop by Rupert Thompson

may - june

Short Fiction
Ranbir Sidhu: Hero of the Nation
S.D. Lavender: The Burglary
Kathy Anderson: Dip Me in Honey and Throw Me to the Lesbians
Damian Dressick: Losing the Light
Rachel Ephraim: Presents

picks from back issues
Elissa Wald: Therapy
John Aber:

Nobel Prize Winners in Literature Answers to:10 Super Bad Guys in Contemporary Literature

Book Reviews
Bad Marie" by Marcy Dermansky
Home to Barcelona: A Foreigner’s Journey by Richard Manchester

00 Issue 66 Issue 67 Issue 68 Issue 69  

Short Fiction
Venero Armanno:
The Sleeping Stranger
Patrick Somerville:
You Will Be Tested, Too

So Long, Anyway
Dona E. Bowens:
Hooked on Sugar
Kathleen Heil:
Take It

picks from back issues
Steve Earle: Wheeler County
Barry Gifford: Dancing with Fidel   

El Otro  /  The Other: by Metzli Gallardo and Marcos Alcalá

Don DeLillo
Excerpts from 15 Top 21st-Century U.S. Novels

book reviews
Breath   by Tim Winton
Apologize, Apologize! by Elizabeth Kelly


Short Fiction
Kevin Wilson: Tunneling to the Center of the Earth
Alain Mabanckou: from  Broken Glass
Tessa Hadley: The Enemy
Joolz Denby: Spook
Joolz Denby: Murder
Buzz Mauro: Twenty-Seven Uses of Imaginary Numbers
Vincent Eaton: Ledge

picks from back issues
George Saunders: Sea Oak
Donald Ray Pollock: Pills
Video Knotted: filmed by Tom Shell; based on the short story by Paul A. Toth

Kids in Literature
Answers to: Don DeLillo Answers to: Excerpts from 15 Top 21st-Century U.S. Novels

Book Reviews
Waveland by Frederick Barthelme
Broken Glass by Alain Mabanckou; translated by Helen Stevenso

may - june

Short Fiction
 Jean Thompson: Liberty Tax
Jim Tomlinson:
 The Persistence of Ice

Paul Russell: Daniel is Leaving Tonight on a Plane
Paul A. Toth: An Industrial Revolution for Two
Steve Uomini: The Goncourt Interview picks from back issues
Jason Starr: Bianca’s Wallet 
Julie Orringer: Care

Video So Deep in Your Room: filmed by Jacob Mendel

African-American Literature Answers to: Kids in Literature

Book Reviews
Do Not Deny Me (Stories) by Jean Thompson
Nothing Like an Ocean (Stories) by Jim Tomlinson
Panic Attack by Jason Starr

july - august

Short Fiction
Adam Johnson:
 excerpt from novel-in-progress, set in North Korea

Daniel Eli Dronsfield:
 The Alligator

B.J. Hollars:
 Dixie Land
Kathryn Simmonds: The Chest

Flash Fiction
Olatundji Akpo-Sani: John Paul Drive
Félix Calvino: They Are Only Dreams
John Holley:

picks from back issues
Niall Griffiths:
 Coming of Age 
Donald Hays: Why He Did It

Haruki Murakami

Answers to: African-American Literature
Book Reviews
You Better Not Cry: Stories for Christmas 
by Augusten Burroughs
Dot.Conned by Diana Grove
 by Kit Reed
Love Junkie, a memoir by Rachel Resnick
Roads Ahead, stories, edited by Catherine O’Flynn

Year: 1997 - 2003 | 2004 - 2007 | 2008 - 2012 | 2013 - 2017 | 2018- 2022 |Complete TBR back issues by author
99 Issue 62 Issue 63 Issue 64 Issue 65  

february - march

Short Fiction
Ben Fountain: The Good Ones Are Already Taken
James Terry: Clocks
J.W. Wang: In a Sandwich Shop

picks from back issues
Des Dillon: The Blue Hen
Barry Gifford: Dancing with Fidel

J.D. Smith: Reading as Vacation

Answers to last issue's quiz, Slutty Women in Lit

Book Reviews
A Richer Dust by Amy Boaz
The Perfect Man by Naeem Murr

may - june 

Short Fiction
Donald Ray Pollock: Pills
Benjamin Percy: Somebody Is Going to Have to Pay for This
Des Dillon: They Scream When You Kill Them
Des Dillon: The High Tea of the Great Gods
Rose Hunter: Another Night at the Circus
Roberto Bolaño: Sensini

picks from back issues
Alasdair Gray: Big Pockets with Buttoned Flaps
Pete Duval: Fun with Mammals

Essay Donald Long: Bolaño's Voyage: "Last Evenings on Earth"

Quiz Post-Apocalyptic and Dystopian Literature of the 21st Century Answers to last issues's quiz,
Book Reviews
The Plague of Doves by Louise Erdrich Fortunate Son by Walter Mosley
Blood on the Saddle and A Pretty Face by Rafael Reig
august - september

Short Fiction
Ken Brosky: On the Tenth Day, I Kept It Down
R.A. Allen:
 Monday Burning

Chris Miller: Take Our Kids To Work Day
Glen Pourciau: Window

picks from back issues
Charles D’Ambrosio: Her Real Name Donald Hays: Why He Did It

Quiz U.S. Politics in Fiction
Answers to last issues's quiz;
Post-Apocalyptic and Dystopian Literature of the 21st Century

Book Reviews
The Reserve by Russel Banks Atmospheric Disturbances by Rivka Galchen

October - December

Short Fiction
Félix Calvino: 
A Hatful of Cherries
Félix Calvino: Detour
Josip Novakovich: Spleen

picks from back issues
Niall Griffiths: Coming of Age Atima Srivastava: Dragons in E8

Essay Josip Novakovich: Comparative Childhoods: an essay of sorts

Quiz Excerpts from 15 Top 21st-Century U.S. Novels Answers to last issues's quiz: U.S. Politics in Fiction

Book Reviews
What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami A Hatful of Cherries by Félix Calvino My Best Friend Has Issues by Laura Marney
The Epileptic Lurcher
 by Des Dillon

Year: 1997 - 2003 | 2004 - 2007 | 2008 - 2012 | 2013 - 2017 | 2018- 2022 |Complete TBR back issues by author