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Name the novel or short story:

1. Fourteen-year-old kid drops out of school, runs away, and ends up a stoner on the beaches of Jamaica.
Rule of the Bone

2.  In this short story a black woman gets trapped for the night in a used car lot with a fierce guard dog.
Blue - see this issue!

3. School bus!
The Sweet Hereafter

4. Short story from Trailerpark in which a hippie gets himself killed as a result of trying to sell to his West Indian connection the marijuana that grew wild around the trailer camp.
"Dis Bwaoy, Him Gwan"

5. You learn what gets you off, for instance. And what doesn’t get you off.  Like I’m not all that into bondage.  Or chubbies.  No offense.  And guys on guys  kinda leaves me limp.  And you learn what girls like or at least what they say they like.  And from listening to what guys talk about when they talk about sex you learn how to talk about sex  With other guys, that is. I’m not sure how to talk about sex to girls.  Not in real life anyhow.
Lost Memory of Skin p, 237   

6. Florida proves the meeting point for a married man from New Hampshire and a young Haitian woman seeking refuge.
Continental Drift

7. In this short story, a young boy on scholarship drops out of an Ivy League college in 1958 with the vague illusion of joining Fidel Castro’s struggle in Cuba, but ends up working as a window trimmer in a department store in St. Petersburg, Florida.  
"Sucess Story"            

8. All those solitary dumb angry men . . . . had once been boys with intelligent eyes and brightlyinnocent mouths, unafraid and loving creatures eager to please and be pleased . . . . What had turned them so quickly into the embittered brutes they had become? Were they all beaten by their fathers; was it really that simple?  
John Brown.
10.  In this short story a man wins the MacArthur “genius” award for his huge art installations, but instead of getting praise from his friends, he gets something else altogether.
"Big Dog"

11. The protagonist’s sons become killers called '”Worse Than Death,” “Fly” and  “Demonology.”
The Darling

12.  In this novel building coffins was considered heretical.
The Relation of My Imprisionment

13. From which non-fiction book does Banks write:
      We've colonized our own children. Having run out of people on the planet to     
      colonize, run out of people who can't distinguish between beads and trinkets and
      something of value, having found ourselves no longer able to swap some beads  
      and axes for Manhattan Island, we've ended up colonizing our own children.    
     We're now engaged in a process of auto-colonization. The old sow is eating its
     own farrow.
Dreaming up America

14. Which one of the following actors has NOT been in a film adaptation based on one of the works by Banks:

a_______Nick Nolte
b_______Sarah Polley
c_______Ian Holm
d_______Maggie  Gyllenhaal
e_______James Colburn
f_______Sissy Spacek
g_______Willem Dafoe

15. Which actress (if the film materializes) is due to play Hannah in Martin Scorsese’s adaptation of The Darling
Jessica Chastain



© Russell Banks

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