Issue 53: May - June 2006 



American Literature and Culture of the 1960s


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Name the title of the book, short story or poem . . .

1.Metafictional mock epic of the colonization of Maryland based on an actual poet . . .
The Sot-Weed Factor

2. Monologue delivered by introverted Jewish schlemiel to psychoanalyst, whingeing about sexual issues which involve the family’s liver dinner . . .
Portnoy's Complaint

3. Traces five days in the life of a philosophy professor whose second wife has recently left him for his best friend . . .

4. Theatrical production centered around an all-night drinking bout in which a middle-aged professor and his wife verbally lacerate each other . . .
Who's Afraid of Virgina Woolf?

5. Randall Patrick McMurphy, Big Nurse Ratched and Chief Broom all appear . . .
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

6. Non-fiction novel chronicling the author of the novel above and his Merry Pranksters as they traipse around America . . .
The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test

7. Post-modern romp involving bizarre conspiracy theories that concern a renegade postal system . . .
The Crying of Lot 49

8. Innovative non-fiction novel based on the October 1967 anti-Vietnam march on the Pentagon . . .
The Armies of the Night

9. Autobiography of young black girl named Anne coming of age in Mississippi during the beginning of the civil rights movement . . .
Coming of Age in Mississippi

10. Much of this story takes place with a young girl named Connie hanging around her front door . . .
Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?

11. In the schoolroom in this story everything dies . . .
The School

12. I came to explore the wreck.
     The words are purposes.
     The words are maps.
Diving Into The Wreck

13. Prison memoir by Black Panther who speaks of many timely topics and includes a love letter to his lawyer . . .
Soul On Ice

14. Award-winning Native American novel, weaving together past, present and myth, about a man returning home after W.W.II . . .
House Made of Dawn

15. Story of young black boy with a toothache and his strong mama on their day trip to a nearby town, set in the south of the 1930s . . .
The Sky Is Gray

16 Collection of two polemical essays - one addressed to the author’s nephew - which analyzes the Black Problem in American of that time . . .
The Fire Next Time

17. Story distilling many themes in its evocation of the dying grandmother who was once an orator in the 1905 Russian Revolution . . .
Tell Me A Riddle

18. I have always been scared of you,
      With your Luftwaffe, your gobbledygoo


Match the names on the left with the most appropriate number on the right . . .

put a number in the box
30 Allen Ginsberg
25 Truman Capote
13 Mario Savio
19 Owsley Stanley
2 Paul Krassner
16 Sonny Barger
4 Huey P. Newton
6 Valerie Solanis
21 Bill Graham
9 Malcolm X
7 Emmett Grogen
10 Jerry Rubin
18 Jonathan Jackson
5 Betty Friedan
8 Nico
29 Peter Fonda
1 Janis Joplin
24 Marshall McLuhan
27 Frank Zappa
15 Richard Brautigan
22 Pauline Kael
12 James Meredith
14 Jann Wenner
20 Berry Gordy
17 Wavy Gravy
28 Thomas Pynchon
26 Eldrige Cleaver
11 Norman Mailer
3 Abbie Hoffman
23 Gary Sndyer







1. Big Brother and the Holding Company

2. coined the term ‘Yippie’
3. Fuck the System
4. co-founder of the Black Panther Party
5. NOW
7. the Diggers
8. Velvet Underground
9. Audubon Ballroom
10. Santa Claus at HUAC
11. Why Are We in Vietnam?
12. Old Miss
13. FSM
14. Rolling Stone
15. trout fishing
16. Hell’s Angels
17. the Hog Farm
18. Marin County Courthouse
19. underground chemist
20. Motown
21. the Fillmore
22. Bonnie and Clyde
23. Turtle Island
24. the medium is the message
25. Perry Smith
26. coined the phrase ‘pussy power’
27. Susie Creamcheese
28. entropy
29. "We blew it."
30. America I’m putting my queer shoulder to the wheel .. .
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Issue 53: May - June 2006  

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American Lit and Culture of the1960s

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