issue 43: July - August 2004 

Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Quiz



The Answers
ZeldaWe grew up founding our dreams on the infinite promise of American advertising. I still believe that one can learn to play the piano by mail and that mud will give you a perfect complexion.
                                  Zelda Fitzgerald
1. F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda Sayre met . . .
a. at a party at Princeton University
b. in Zelda’s hometown of Montgomery, Alabama
c. at a country club in St. Paul, Minnesota
d. through a mutual friend in New York

2. Fitzgerald’s first big success, This Side of Paradise, portrays college life at Princeton, where among other things his protagonist becomes involved in a student revolt led by . . .
a. Alec Connage
b. Monsignor Darcy
c. Tom D’Invilliers
d. Burne Holiday

3. Zelda published several of her own short stories with Fitzgerald’s name listed as co-author because . . .
a. it paid more money
b. she felt insecure with her name only
c. he insisted that she do so
d. the editors would not accept them otherwise

4. In A Moveable Feast Hemingway quotes his wife Hadley, who says of the Fitzgeralds: "Rich feathercats with no . . ."
a. money
b. pride
c. sense
d. shame

5. Zelda summed up Hemingway as . . .
a. a panderer
b. a stud
c. a phony
d. an ignoramus

6. . . . . and Hemingway thought Zelda was
a. a tramp
b. crazy
c. bright
d. fat

7. In her autobiographical novel, Save Me the Waltz, Zelda tells of her passion to become a ballet dancer, although she was too old to begin, and even traces her fling with . . .
a. an Italian waiter
b. an American intelligence officer
c. a Spanish toreador
d. a French aviator

8. Abe North meets his end in Tender is the Night by . . .
a. drinking himself to death
b. crashing his car
c. getting beaten to death
d. playing Russian roulette

9. Name the protagonist, whom Fitzgerald described as an "homme epuisé," who loved a certain woman till she was "the drought in the marrow of his bones."
a. Dick Diver
b. Amory Blaine
c. Anthony Patch
d. Jay Gatsby

10. In which novel did Fitzgerald draw on Zelda’s personal letters to him, at times verbatim, while she was hospitalized in Switzerland for a mental breakdown?

a. The Beautiful and Damned
b. Tender is the Night
c. The Great Gatsby
d. The Last Tycoon

11. Zelda once greatly upset Fitzgerald by saying he had . . .
a. thin lips
b. a bony bottom
c. ugly balls
d. a small penis

12. In "The Ice Palace" Fitzgerald plays with the diction and imagery of
a. the east versus the west
b. the north versus the south
c. the rich versus the poor
d. the old versus the young

13. In one of the Pat Hobby stories, Pat is told he looks like a certain famous Hollywood personality and for ten dollars is persuaded by a make-up artist to let himself be given a false beard in order to perfect the look. Who is the famous personality?
Orson Welles

14. In which short story by Fitzgerald does the female protagonist find "the love of her life" only to discover that, because she spent her emotions so prodigally in her early youth, she can now "feel nothing at all"? Emotionally Bankrupt

15. The Beautiful and Damned contains a scene - written in play form, in the manner of Man and Superman - between Beauty and . . .
a. The Devil
b. The Man
c. The Voice
d. The Heart

16. In which of Fitzgerald’s works does the following appear: "Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me"? The Rich Boy

17. Zelda once published an article in Metropolitan Magazine in which she grieved the passing of . . .
a. youth
b. prohibition
c. flappers
d. silent films

18. In Fitzgerald’s short story "Babylon Revisited" the protagonist’s quest to gain custody of his young daughter is hindered by the invasion of . . .
a. his ex-wife’s new husband
b. his alcoholic mistress
c. a drunken young girl
d. two old drinking buddies

19. In which satirical work of Fitzgerald’s do we find a newsboy rising to President? The Vegetable

20. Before being accidentally hit and killed by Daisy, Myrtle Wilson was whose lover?
a. Tom Buchanan
b. Nick Carraway
c. Jay Gatsby
d. Jordan Baker

21. Which one of the following actors has not appeared in a Fitzgerald film adaptation?
a. Robert De Niro
b. Roger Moore
c. Jack Nicholson
d. Mia Farrow
e. Robert Redford
f. John Malkovich
g. Patsy Kensit
h. Jason Robards
i. Elizabeth Taylor

22. When writing scripts for Hollywood, Fitzgerald found one actress difficult to write for: "She can’t change her emotions in the middle of a sentence without going through a sort of Jekyll and Hyde contortion of the face, so that when one wants to indicate that she is going from sorrow to joy, one must cut away and then back. Also, you can never give her such a stage direction as "telling a lie," because if you did, she would practically give a representation of Benedict Arnold selling West Point to the British." Name the actress.
a. Betty Davis
b. Joan Crawford
c. Shelley Winters
d. Katherine Hepburn

23. Mr. In and Mr. Out appear in . . .
a. "A Diamond as Big as the Ritz"
b. "May Day"
c. "Winter Dreams"
d. "Absolution"

24. Fitzgerald published stories in many magazines, but the one that published the most was . . .
a. Esquire
b. Atlantic Monthly
c. The New Yorker
d. The Saturday Evening Post

25. The Last Tycoon, left incomplete and unrevised at Fitzgerald’s death, was edited for publication by . . .
a. Edmund Wilson
b. Maxwell Perkins
c. Malcolm Cowley
d. Charles Scribner

26. At Fitzgerald’s funeral, Dorothy Parker is said to have quietly repeated the words Owl-eyes uttered at Gatsby’s funeral. What is the phrase?
You poor son of a bitch

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issue 43: July - August 2004  

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