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Matt Marinovich



Back in issue 13 (June -August 1999) we ran this story along with a version that would, using a simple HTML refresh code, automatically change the pages. I mentioned then that a version could be done using JavaScript. Nearly two years later, while writing an article about publishing and computer/Internet enhanced literature, I became intrigued by work done in Macromedia's Flash and wondered about 'enhancing' 'Slide Show' in this medium. Here it is:

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Note: Slide Show works fine in Flash 5. If you have Flash 4 or are having problems and nothing seems to happen try this beta version but the 'back' button won't function.


flash 5 version
html 'refresh' version
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article 'The Book, The Writer, His Tools and the Future of Publishing'
1999  Matt Marinovich 
2001  Matt Marinovich 
Flash by Josephine Grundy/Nick Reddel (Fin Design)

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Matt Marinovich



Matt Marinovich lives in Boston, Massachusetts. He has had short stories published in The Mississippi Review, Mudfish, Quarterly West, and 5_Trope among others.


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