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issue 21: november - december 2000 



Our eighth literary quiz was dedicated to cult writer Harry Crews.

Our winner, Jim Strachan - jim_strachan@telus.net -, had "heard only peripherally of Harry Crews and thanks to you and your quiz I'm in the process of reading his entire opus."

(1) Crews´ first published novel, The Gospel Singer, was at one point going to be made into a film starring:
    (a) Warren Beatty
    (b) Tom Jones
    (c) Scott Walker

naked(2) While on an assignment for Esquire magazine in 1979 Crews was knocked unconscious by a fellow spectator. He was covering:
    (a) a monster truck show
    (b) female wrestling
    (c) dogfighting

(3) Belt, the karate instructor in Karate Is A Thing Of The Spirit is:
    (a) a former used-car salesman
    (b) a Vietnam veteran
    (c) a failed novelist

(4) "Cho waters his ox, Hu washes his ears." Name the novel.

(5) In which film did Harry Crews briefly appear:
    (a) The Indian Runner
    (b) Wiseblood
    (c) Home Boy

body(6) What is Shereel Dupont´s real name?

(7) What model of car does Herman Mack attempt to eat in Car?

(8) The character Russell Muscle had appeared in two other novels before Body. The Knockout Artist is one. The other is:
    (a) Naked In Garden Hills
    (b) The Hawk Is Dying
    (c) The Gypsy´s Curse

(9) In A Childhood: the Biography of a Place, a young Harry Crews and his best friend make up stories using the Sears, Roebuck catalogue. What's his friend´s name?

(10) Most people call them rednecks. What does Harry Crews prefer to call them?

(11) In the article 'Going Down In Valdeez '(Playboy), Crews wakes up after a night of beer and vodka to discover that:
    (a) someone has tattooed a hinge on the inside of his right arm.
    (b) a hinge has been super-glued to his head.
    (c) his money and credit cards have been replaced by various types of hinges.

heaven(12) What fate befalls Stump at Forever and Forever?

(13) The character Gaye Nell Odell appeared in Karate Is A Thing Of The Spirit and later in another book as a different person. Name the novel.

(14) "This is freak the citizens month," Crews announced on the Dennis Miller Show in February 1992. He was referring to:
    (a) his latest tattoo
    (b) his mohican haircut
    (c) his offensive T-shirt

hawk(15) George Gattling´s nephew, Fred, dies bizarrely in the novel The Hawk Is Dying. How?

(16) Mr. Blasingame of J.Alfred Blasingame Enterprises is also known to some citizens of New Orleans under another name. What is it?

(17) How does Pete Butcher repay Max Winekoff for dragging him miles to the zoo in the sweltering heat in the novel Scar Lover?

(18) Jefferson Davis Munroe appears in This Thing Don´t Lead To Heaven as a masseur. In Karate Is A Thing Of The Spirit, his portrait is displayed in Belt´s dojo. He is a legend in the karate world but has one significant handicap. As John Kaimon puts it: "Well, if he meets another _ _ _ _ _ _, he can sure whip his ass." Fill in the missing word (six letters!).

(19) Which novel by Graham Greene did Crews dissect in an attempt to structure an early unpublished work of his own:
    (a) The Power and the Glory
    (b) The Heart of the Matter
    (c) The End of the Affair

tattoo but written by who?

(20) Which celebrity couple (since divorced) did Crews accompany to a Mike Tyson fight?

(21) Crews has a line of poetry tattooed on his arm.  From what poem/poet is the line taken?



An excellent Harry Crews Link:
Harry Crews: A Large and Startling Figure, compiled by Oyster Boy Review's editor Damon Suave

Notable recommendations, not on-line:
. Harry Crews: Guilty as Charged by Tom Thurman and Chris Iovenko - an exceptional documentary featuring Crews, James Dickey, Byron Crews and Maggie Powell.  Available directly form Chris Iovenko:  ciovenko@earthlink.net

2. The Southern Quarterly Special Issue: Harry Crews, Fall 1998.  Includes essays on Crews by, among others, Larry Brown; an interview; and two chapters from Assault of Memory, Crew's work in progress, the highly anticipated follow up to his biography, A Childhood. For further information, contact Lola Norris:  Lola.Norris@usm.edu

Quiz by John Mulholland: jbmulholland@hotmail.com
© 2000 The Barcelona Review

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