barcelona review # 11   february - march 1999

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Marcia Morgado


Perfect lips. Swollen purple red. A thin violet blue line defining the mouth. Contrasting with the milky white skin. Loved to look at her without make-up. Didn't need it. She was a beautiful woman. Still gave him a hard on. Fifteen years together. He, she and whoever came into their lives. Men and women. Both in agreement. "K" was awesome. He preferred her alone. And naked. No makeup. Ass up in the air. It was a miracle they had children. What he most enjoyed was to buttfuck her. Somehow between buttfuck and buttfuck he did it in the vagina. Her eyes dialated just at the onset of orgasm. Like she wanted to take in the whole universe. He got lost between her moans and pupils. That's what he liked most about making her come vaginally. Her eyes, wide open, just like her ass when he let her have it. Modesty aside, his was considerable. The reddish blue glans doubled its normal volume. If that organ of his was ever normal. The blood all rushed up. The glans had the same color of her lips. Now. It was impossible that he was in front of his woman for the last time. That the purple on her lips was final. The way they had her on the table he couldn't see her ass. Otherwise he would have given it to her. He liked her hole so much it stiffened, just to think of it. Even under the circumstances. He ran out of the building. What would they say in town if anyone saw the bulge between his legs? Undoubtedly sick. She gave him the hots just like the first time. He loved her. No other proof needed. She was motionless, at rest. And his dick was harder than the marble slab where she lay.

© 1999 Marcia Morgado
translated by the author

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Marciaauthor bio
Born in Havana, Cuba in 1951, Marcia Morgado moved to the United States in 1962. She has recently published a novel, 69: Memorias eróticas de una cubanoamericana (Spanish only, Editorial Casiopea, Barcelona, 1998) and is in the process of publishing a book of poems, Como azafrán. She founded and edited Mariel Magazine, a literature journal, and in addition to fiction writing has worked extensively in radio and journalism in Miami. She currently lives and works in Barcelona, Spain.

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