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As many of you know, TBR’s funding was cut in half last year, as was much of the arts funding in the city, and we are now welcoming donations, of any quantity, no matter how small, to help keep the review afloat every two months. Unfortunately, we have no means of receiving donations over the Net, due to our location and high commission for services, but a check or money order can be made out to: Asociación Cultural Revista The Barcelona Review, which is how we are registered as a non-profit organization here in Spain. Even though our URL is "com" rather than "org," we have been a registered non-profit organization from the beginning; none of us on the board receive remuneration. All money goes to paying the rising cost of invoices for services and to translation. We would greatly appreciate any help you might be able to give - drinks on us if you happen to pass through the city . . . and we do know some choice spots! Checks or money orders can be sent to:

The Barcelona Review
Correu Vell 12 - 2
08002 Barcelona, Spain

TBR 2004

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