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The Barcelona Review doesn't like to split texts but this can lead to quite slow download times at peak hours. So, if you are experiencing problems of the sluggish kind you may want to switch your images off before proceeding.

Of the artists below only Xavier Canals and Dolors Miquel are new to BR but go straight into the history books as Dolors becomes the first female Catalan poet to have a reading on the Internet and Xavier becomes the first Catalan visual poet to read in English on the Internet.  To hear the poems in Catalan you will need  RealPlayer, which is free. For a quick test try this three-word poem from Eduard Escoffet. "Una paraula: llapis" (One word: pencil). Use the photos/names below to go to the individual Catalan pages.

We published an Enric Casassas special over a year ago which included an interview in English and translations of three poems with a fourth in Catalan, being the first ever Catalan reading on the Internet. Antoni Clapés and Melcion Mateu i Adrover have also appeared in translation, usually by Matthew Tree who has been published in various disguises on our Catalan page. Eduard Escoffet and Josep Pedrals have both appeared before in their native Catalan but so far their work  has defied translation. Use this link to go directly to our poetry back issues.

The Barcelona Review would like to thank the poets who took part, Amanda Schoenberg for taking up the challenge and remaining quite calm when she realised the enormity of her task and Susana Andres for going over the Spanish. Thanks also to Nick Reddel for explaining Cool Edit therefore saving me a vast learning curve.

An American Foray in Catalan Poetry ---

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William the Killer - Kristin Kenway
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Against the Door - Margarita Saona
-Poetry Special Round-table Discussion with Six Catalan Poets
Interview: Dolors Miquel
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