Here’s a brown bear squatting in the middle of a river. Every now and then it would slap at the water. My brother was breathing in my ear the whole time and he says, "Fish." But I wasn’t so sure. I could see the bottom of the river. I could see everything and nothing passed by but bits of twig and some dead leaves.
    "I’m glad you’re here," my brother said.
    "I am too." I said.
    "I love Deb," he said.
    "She’s great," I said.
    "I’m lucky," he said.
    "That’s five lies in a row," I said, smiling at him. Right away I could see he was deeply offended. He pushed my shoulder into the ground and walked off. Down by the river, the bear unhappily raised its snout and sniffed at the air.
    "Do you smell it?" I yelled at it recklessly. "That’s the fucking truth."